This is a list of Minor characters that appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! Me who had no influence on the manga whatsoever. Unused Chraracters also fall in this category.

Manga: Comic Dub/Anime Info Deck Duels
Sans nom-5.png
N/A Unnamed Yurie 's Bully was a short running character as an element to infruiate Yurie's anger. Ultimately, he was never seen again. Madolche N/A
Generic couples.png
N/A Generic Couples were planned to be 1 paged characters, never appeared in the full products. N/A N/A
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N/A Sminato was one of Yurie's bullies that appeared in Yurie's flashbacks, he's the only character that had a dialogue lines during that flashback. N/A N/A
Yes Man.png
N/A Yes Man was another bully of Yurie from her flashbacks. N/A N/A
N/A Menshar was another Bully of Yurie from her flashbacks. N/A N/A
N/A An unnamed character who appeared to watch Yurie's duels. N/A N/A
N/A Jadour was another audience of Yurie. N/A N/A

Other audie.png

N/A Some unnamed audiences of Yurie and Yukio. N/A N/A
Night watc.png
N/A Unnamed Night Watcher appeared to act perverted towards Yurie.The Headmaster said he was recovering from Yurie's hit, he never appeared again. N/A N/A
N/A N/A "That Pendulum Zombie Guy" was a mentionned character by Yukio. N/A N/A
Anissa's classmate.png
N/A Anissa ​​​​​'s unnamed Classmate

 was a brief character flirted on by Yukio.


Unnamed Pedestrians appeared to interrupt Bruce's Duel.

Fokkusu's classmate.png
Yukio's unnamed Classmate appeared to be flirted by Yukio. N/A N/A
Duelist .png
Two unnamed Duelists

A: Shapesnatch


Yei's classmate.png
Yurie's Unnamed Classmate appeared briefly to compliment Yurie. N/A N/A
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