Metrical Deity Dracatelane
JPN Japanese: メートリックス・テラキャンドラー
JPN Phonetic: Meetorikkusu Terakyandoraa
JPN Translated: Metrix Teracandra
Creator: Lyris1064
Card Attribute: WATER WATER
Card Type(s): [ Dragon/Bypath/Effect ]
Cell: Cell 6 CellCellCellCellCellCell
ATK/DEF: 3000 / 2500
Card Lore:

"Dubious Crisis Bypath Dragon" + 1 "Metrical" monster
Cannot be Bypath Summoned, unless either player has a LP deficit greater than or equal to this card's Cell divided by 20 multiplied by the highest starting LP. "Metrical" monsters you control cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects while they are in the same column or are adjacent to each other. Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can detach 1 material from this card; all cards your opponent currently controls that are in the same column as this card have their effects negated.

User: Dubious Crisis Bypath Dragon
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