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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is Freelance Writer in my free time, but nothing otherwise
  • I am Male (Halfblood)
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  • I will Link this to a friend, whilst I get the whole entirety of the dex in here

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    • Absogeist, The Spectral Pokemon
      23 Ft/ 1 Lb
      Dark/Bug (Stage 1) Dark/Fire (Stage 2) Plasma/Ghost (Stage 3)
      Ability: Apparent Apparition

      Day: One of the legends depicted in Cave Paintings, it is said to have been the guardian of millions of ancient Pokemon, some say that Absogeist preserved a Region in time

      Night: When out at night, Cave paintings are said to come to life, this Pokemon's form depends on what it's holding


      Esproth, the Excellent Pokemon
      2 Ft/ 10 Lbs
      Ability: Pressure

      Day: Withheld from the dead, The shadows appear withered when this Pokemon passes

      Night: Old enough for the region's Age, it is known to cause mischief to get noticed by those it enjoys the company of, It won't attack unless threatened


      Congealosk, the Blood Pokemon
      100 Ft/ 30 Lbs
      Ability: Unnerve

      Day: Whenever it's not active, it will appear to be a pool of fluids, but it only emerges from its aqueous form to attack prey

      Night: Its red body looks like Blood but is highly corrosive when it's angry.

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    • Caterpie, the Glow worm Pokemon
      1.3 ft/ 6 Lbs
      Bug (Regular)/ Bug (Wisterian form)
      Abilities: Swarm (Regular)/ Unsee (Wisterian Form)

      Day (regular): This Pokemon will await evolution after eating 3 times its own weight in food

      Night (Regular): This Pokemon's Antenna allows it to sniff out food

      Day (Wisterian Form): When threatened, the Lights on its tail and midsection change colour to alert other Caterpie to hide, this light signal contains an irritating powder that deters its predators and those threatening it

      Night (Wisterian Form): Provided this Pokemon's den is safe, It will go out in search of Butterfree that it can help at night, hundreds of this Pokemon will hang upside down nearby their den to guard it.

      ⬇️ evolves at level 7

      Metapod, the Glow Cocoon Pokemon
      2 Ft/ 17 Lbs
      Bug (Regular)/ Bug (Wisterian Form)
      Abilities: Shed Skin (Regular)/ Unsee (Wisterian Form)

      Day (Regular): This Pokemon's Steel Hard shell will even deter Weepingale from trying to eat its insides

      Night (Regular): It awaits evolution while remaining totally motionless

      Day (Wisterian Form): The Glowing Apparatus on its tail and throughout its body can glow bright enough to Blind its attackers, When weakened, it's known to glow a dim red until it either recovers or perishes.

      Night (Wisterian Form): This Pokemon's body can glow in over 30 Different colours, depending on its mood, its body will be a certain colour, its bioluminescence is a result of the shine moss that it eats as a Caterpie, people have catalogued a book surrounding its care taking and sustaining.

      ⬇️ Evolves at level 10

      Butterfree, the Twilight Pokemon
      5 ft/ 10 Lbs
      Bug/Flying (Regular)/ Bug/Psychic (Wisterian Form)
      Abilities: Swarm (Regular)/ Keen Eye (Regular) / Pixel Lights (Wisterian Form)/ Unsee (Wisterian Form)

      Day (Regular): Its grace in flight can commonly confuse its opponents

      Night (Regular): Often seen flying with other Butterfree, It's known to gather in very beautiful gardens and declare courtship

      Day (Wisterian Form): While its wings don't move, they still glow in various Patterns, these patterns are hypnotic and will make anything that sees it fall to sleep, even if it has the Insomnia Ability

      Night (Wisterian Form): Its body is less important than its wings, but when it comes to battle, it's known to change the patterns of its wings, patterns appearing like Pixels, scientists say this is a result of its psychic powers.


      Zangoose, the Territorial Pokemon
      6 ft/ 71 Lbs
      Normal (Regular) / Normal/Dark (Wisterian Form)
      Abilities: Immunity (Normal and Wisterian Form)/ Intimidate (Wisterian Form)

      Day: Rivals with Seviper, it's known to attack Seviper with its sharp claws

      Night: It will often become angered at any Pokemon that crosses its territory, but is fruitless when attacking a Barberylium because of the myriad of spines on its body

      Day (Wisterian Form): Whenever it's most ready for battle, the hairs on its body frazzle out like a zigzagoon but will mainly use its sharp claws, it remains a long time rival with Seviper

      Night (Wisterian Form): The power in its legs allow it to run more agilely and will use that strength against Seviper, should the 2 ever meet in combat


      Seviper, the Poison Tail Pokemon
      9 ft/ 45 Lbs
      Poison (Regular)/ Poison/Dark (Wisterian Form)
      Abilities: Shed Skin (Normal)/ Poison Touch (Regular and Wisterian Form)

      Day: It attacks with its swordlike tail, oozing a poison that can knock out any Pokemon, Zangoose however are immune to this poisonous liquid

      Night: Stretched out, it is said to be the height of a Titaniguana

      Day (Wisterian Form): With a Powerful tail and sharp dagger like fangs, this Pokemon is the ultimate killing machine

      Night (Wisterian Form): Whenever it attacks a Zangoose, it always goes for the throat first, successfully striking its target so few times out of 40 times statistically.

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  • well, you cn cerate and add them to the page if you want to

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  • Right here is the fanfic that inspired me to write more frequently

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    • Rwby>The Rose family Files by Theoldstone1000.

      A/N: Days 6 and 7, enjoy.

      (Actions or comments) I do not own RWBY or any of it's characters, I own Whitesworth, all OC presences are my designs

      Chapter 39: political disputes Days 6 and 7/7

      Whitesworth's POV

      I rushed to Ozpin's office immediately, "What's the matter, And what is it you need to show me?" I asked, "Surveillance troops found this vessel in the Emerald Forest, I think you might be able to identify it's contents?" Ozpin explained, "Let's see.........It's empty!" I said examining the steel container, "it's contents are gone, but I have the master Spellbook, it's sub chapters but the Charloettatns' Amulets are gone, missing." I explained as I turned to Jenkins, "I believe I have one of them!" He said handing over a Silver Amulet with a red gem in it, "Correct, this is one of them, an excellent find i do declare!" I said in amazement, "Into the Vessel, this is a Psychronian relic from Hagras' Archives, it must have fallen to Remnant when the Gods Clashed in 12,000,000 NVT!" I explained dusting the container off, this Relic was said to hold great power, speaking on condition, I have to warn you that it's a power beyond even your comprehension, nobody is to touch or even look at this but me, it gives the weary a Weak Resolute and even you're going to be affected by the container." I explained putting the artifact into the Northernmost hole, "I'll be right back with the Books of Morgue and the Master Spellbook, don't touch it or even make eye contact with it!" I said assertively.

      At Team RWBY's Dorm

      "Where are they... Here they are!" I said as I grabbed all 9 of the books, "Go! It's clearly something important to have to grab these" Yang shouted as I acknowledged the gesture and left, "I've got to rush quick enough to get there, before they succumb to the energy in the vessel!" I said to myself As I ran into another student, "Watch it!" They said, adding on to the fact I never met them before, "Are you by any chance an Alchemist?" I asked, "You're talking to Signet Bismuth, Master Alchemist, what do you need?" The alchemist asked, "Thank goodness, could you do a field job in Headmaster Ozpin's office?" I asked suddenly "Sure, what do you want me to synthesize?" She asked, "A class B Psionic Energy negator, a large one!" I replied, "Big order, what's it for?" Signet Asked, "You'll see in a bit, but put these on, they'll shield your eyes from the energy output" I explained, "by Lord Archwood's Beard, hurry up and craft this device." I gasped using the Reaming energy of The Reaper's Eye to suppress the energy enough to have no affect on the others in the room, "Any time now, it needs to be s-s-soon!" I shuddered as I continued to suppress it, "Got it, catch" Signet said as she threw the small unit, "Got it, and there!" I said regaining my strength.

      "Thank you, maybe you'd like to join my Ranks, I need an alchemist in my circle." I asked, "I'll do it, on one condition." Signet started, "Very well, you're not at all to spare a detail, not that you will anyhow" I replied with open ears, "which is, if you spare some of the materials to do so, Black Cavernous Rocks to shape, Fire Dust to power my tools and Steel to work with." She explained, "Steel here, I picked some from a Cavern earlier today and by sheer coincidence I found Fire Dust" I said handing the material over, "Thanks, everything checks out, consider yourself lucky." Signet said

      An hour later

      "This should keep the Vessel stable, the energy could make a person even Murder their best Friend to get it" I explained, "Oh, I found something that might be of use to you!" Signet said holding out a Silver Amulet but with an Orange Jewel in it this time, "A Charloettatns' Amulet, how did you find this?" I asked taking the object out of her hand, "Expeditions lead me to the weirdest places!" Signet replied slackly, "I see, thanks anyhow I've never been so happy to be gathering this power for the good of Psychrone, I'm honoured with this!" I said with glee, "Then I'll stay until your work is done, I'll give you a lot of help too" Signet replied.

      At the Wasteland, anonymous POV

      "Soon Whitesworth, Soon!" An anonymous voice echoes from the shadows.

      A/N: The final Chapter of the First Part of Quadrogy, After that I'm going to start Writing the Next 40 Main Chapters of The Rose Family Files, but for now I'll see you in the Next Chapter, See you then.

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    • Rwby>The Rose family Files by Theoldstone1000.

      A/N: the Final Triumph by Whitesworth will change the way you look at Rwby altogether and is the Final Main storyline chapter of this Part of the Quadrogy, enjoy.

      (Actions or comments) I do not own RWBY or any of it's characters, I own Whitesworth, all OC presences are my designs

      Chapter 40:Final fight: Salem Vs. Whitesworth

      Whitesworth's POV

      All was good, when suddenly Darkness fell, "An eclipse? This close to the Summer Solstice, this has got to be a Joke." I said as I Activated my C.U.T.T.E.R. Pack, I flew out towards Aaltos and found Tanager, Leonardo Lionheart and Ozpin at Seraph's grounds, "What is this, I was looking for you and old Ironwood, I even came across Grimm getting hunted down by Grimfathom Shagra on my way here, I think Salem has planned to try and Kill me!" I said pointing at the torrent of Grimm in the area, "Wraith Lyons, Quicksilvers and Cavegrazers!" Alexandre said before his Team Jumped over me, "Salem's attack has already started, Alert Team STRQ and I'll look for RCNA and CSMO as well as Teams RWBY, JNPR, CFVY and LITE, the New Team at Beacon, Leonardo, look for Team VRTU, Vallius' Team and Ironwood, Alert Atlas Military Base." I instructed as I left to my Designated destinations

      An hour later

      "So we meet again, pathetic, I thought I'd have a challenge, Or did you bring one?" Salem said confused and Enraged

      "I will Destroy you, my aid is many, many huntsmen and Huntresses, and Thousands of Shagra!" I said as Natterghasts, Grimfathoms and Volumoth flew in, Galiraeaths and Caliscorp as well as Icell Shagra crawled in, the species continued to become plenty

      "And the Huntsmen and Huntresses who agreed to this." An army marched and in all ways flew in to fight.

      "All pathetic!" Salem Scoffed

      "Natterghasts, Search and kill your Prey!" I shouted

      "Graaaaaaah! I am Great Scar, the Shagra Dragonlord!" A dragon spoke

      "Raah, I'm here to help!" Remborem said with Hagras, Kaivus and Claervielle following

      "My legions, Attack!" Kaivus commanded as he Sent Vampiric Shadowknights after her

      "Frenyos Bugram Galtras!" Hagras shouted as Light Rained down

      "Garos Necrass!" Claervielle chanted as his Sword destroyed Grimm and hurt Salem, "Your tombstone, will be nonexistent!" Claervielle shouted as he Took a Final Blow on Grimm, killing all of an army, "Pathetic, you're not going to live to see the carnage." Salem declared sending Grimm after Whitesworth.

      "Enough!!! Erios Decra Dukomoren! (Blood Seal of the Unsightly)" I shouted killing the entire army with what appeared to be blades of Hardened Blood, "We will settle this once and for all, if I win, you have to stop attempting to kill me and return to the wastelands where you came from, if you win, which is highly unlikely, I'll leave Remnant, Mono et Mono" I explained, "Very well, but don't expect me to be a weakling." Salem declared with Purple Fire forming in her grasp, "En Garde!" I shouted drawing my Scythe from my Shoulder Sheath, "Well, you've certainly improved as opposed to the last time you fought, but that Doesn't make any difference, you're still not guaranteed to win" Salem scoffed again

      "We're just going to have to see about that, Graaah!" I said slashing at her with the Thin end of the Scythe Blade, leaving scratch marks, "Take that!" She shouted as she threw a fireball, "Prepare for a hot fist of a reinforced titanium alloy!" I said blocking with my Arm Brace, heating up the outside layer, "I'm fired up, take this!" I said as the Blade Grazed her all over, interred into a Hole I made earlier, Scorch Marks at the Bloody wounds, not that Grimm really had Blood.

      "You fool, you're going to pay dearly for that" Salem said with a glow in her eyes, "I believe it, but that won't be happening as long as the reaper's Eye is my bestowed Psionic Ability of inheritance, an odd eyed man can appreciate the gift of seeing a great deal of strength in his future, but it doesn't matter once they get the Reaper's Eye, psychronian Halfbloods are extraordinarily intelligent and will do anything to defend themselves." I explained finishing Salem off but not killing her

      "Now, Leave" I said, "I will return, you'll see!" She replied

      A month later

      "Ah yes, it's never been so good to see a blue sky again, isn't that right, Vallius?" I said, "Yes, but it doesn't get better except when an eclipse is overhead." Vallius replied Sarcastically.

      "That's an Eclipse of Time! Everyone inside now" it was too late, we were all sucked into it, but the location will shock and Disturb you.

      A/N: That's a Wrap, the next series will come later on, see you all next time! Bye.

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