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  • Hey, I am making a Gamingpal Archetype on my own, you can help by improving its errata. Here they are.

    Gamingpal Celry

    (LIGHT/Cyberse/Effect/Level 1/ATK 100/DEF 400)

    Once per turn: roll a six-sixed die; reveal the top cards of your deck equal to the result, special summon 1 "Gamingpal" monster among those revealed cards, then place them on top of your deck in any order.

    Gamingpal Disc Serpent

    (LIGHT/Cyberse/Effect/Level 4/ATK 1400/DEF 700)

    If this card is special summoned, draw 2 cards.

    Gamingpal Handheldrake (LIGHT/Cyberse/Effect/Level 3/ATK 500/DEF 1200) During damage calculation, if a "Gamingpal" monster battles: You can inflict damage to your opponent equal to your opponent's battling monster's ATK; your battling monster is not destroyed by this battle, also, you take no battle damage.

    Gamingpal Kongsole

    (LIGHT/Cyberse/Effect/Level 5/ATK 1800/DEF 1500)

    If you control no monsters, you can special summon this card (from your hand). This card gains 200 ATK for each "Gamingpal" monster you control.

    Gamingpal Powerbuncle (I have 2 copies of this card made)

    (LIGHT/Cyberse/Effect/Level 2/ATK 1000/DEF 1000) You can send this card from your hand or face-up field to the GY; target 1 "Gamingpal" monster you control, it gains 1000 ATK/DEF until the end of this turn.

    Gamingpal Puzzle Magician

    (LIGHT/Cyberse/Pendulum/Effect/Level 6/Scale 9/ATK 2000/DEF 1600)

    Pendulum Effect: Your opponent cannot special summon monsters whose level is equal or less than this card's pendulum scale. "Gamingpal" monsters you control cannot be destroyed by card effects. Also, those monsters cannot be targeted by card effects.

    Monster Effect: "Gamingpal" monsters you control cannot be destroyed by card effects. Also, those monsters cannot be targeted by card effects. If your opponent special summons an monster whose level is equal or higher than this card, that monster cannot attack or activate its effect while it is face-up on the field.

    Gamingpal Racing Kart

    (LIGHT/Cyberse/Pendulum/Effect/Level 4/Scale 1/ATK 600/DEF 1100)

    Pendulum Effect: "Gamingpal" monsters you control cannot be targeted for an attack while this card is face-up in the pendulum zone.

    Monster Effect: If a "Gamingpal" monster you control is targeted for an attack, change the target to this card.

    Gamingpal Wirepus

    (LIGHT/Cyberse/Effect/Level 4/ATK 1200/DEF 800)

    Once per turn: Special summon 1 "Gamingpal" monster from your hand or deck. At the start of the damage step, if a "Gamingpal" monster battles an opponent's monster, banish that monster. If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect, draw 1 card.

    Reticle-Eyes Shooting Dragon (It is the only non-Gamingpal monster I have made)

    (DARK/Dragon/Pendulum/Effect/Level 7/Scale 4/ATK 2600/DEF 2200)

    Pendulum Effect: Reduce any battle damage you would take to 0. If this card is destroyed, add 1 monster from your deck with 2000 or less ATK to your hand.

    Monster Effect: This card can make 3 attacks on monsters during each battle phase. Once per turn: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; toss a coin, if the results is heads, destroy that target.

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  • Hey, can you make these request for another Dark Synchro themed archetype called Valkysia. They are DARK Fairy monsters.

    Effect Monsters:

    • Valkysia Aria
    • Valkysia Canon
    • Valkysia Sonata

    Dark Tuner Monsters:

    • Valkysia Rose
    • Valkysia Serenade
    • Valkysia Opera

    Dark Synchro Monsters:

    • Valkysia Diva
    • Valkysia Prima
    • Valkysia Mozarta


    • Valkysia Movement
    • Valkysia Fortissimo
    • Valkysia Tempo
    • Tempered Time of Fantasia (related to Valkysia)


    • Valkysia Illusion
    • Cards of Riding Darkness (non-Valkysia support, supports DARK Fairy monsters)
    • Dark Thunder (non-Valkysia support, supports Dark Synchro monsters)

    The archetype is a portmanteau of Valkyries and Fantasia and their appearance seem to relate to Valkyries with music-related elements.

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  • Hey, can you these requests for a Entomoroid Deck

    It is a Insect Dark Synchro Deck focus on Swarming the field, inflicting damage, locking down your opponent's effects, and milling out your opponent's deck.

    Effect Monsters:

    • Entomoroid Ant
    • Entomoroid Moth
    • Entomoroid Kuwaga

    Dark Tuner Monsters:

    • Entomoroid Yanma
    • Entomoroid Mantis

    Dark Synchro Monsters:

    • Entomoroid Papillon
    • Entomoroid Wasp
    • Entomoroid Tarantula
    • Entomoroid Centipede


    • Entomo-Revival
    • Entomo-Swarm
    • Dark Hive (non-Entomoroid support, DARK Insect Field)
    • Shadow Cocoon (non-Entomoroid support, Insect Dark Synchro support)


    • Entomo-Nesting Grounds
    • Dark Insect Formation (non-Entomoroid support, Dark Insect support)
    • Underworld Armor (non-Entomoroid, Dark Synchro support)

    Their appearance may be based on my fear but they are mechanical. Also the etymology shouldn't be hard, it is a portmanteau of Entomology and Roid, meaning they are mechanical insects.

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    • Huh? Donny?

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  • Dramon is a type specialized in Xyz Summoning using lower-end monsters to build higher-end monsters ready for battle.

    When are you going to make the deck. I have no idea what cards to request and you haven't responded for hours.

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    • Hey, can you make these requests for the Dramon Deck

      Effect Monsters:

      • Dramon Miko
      • Fortress Dragon
      • Tornado Bringer
      • Dramonic Slayer
      • Hydro Kaizard
      • Rafflesia Kaizard
      • Findraco
      • Vermillion Dragon


      • Dramonic Cross Flame


      • Dramon Security
      • Dramon Turret
      • Kaizard's Triple Threat
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  • I thought og a type of monster called Dramon which are either bipedal dragons or humanoids with dragonman physiology. Here are the cards for the first Decklist.

    Normal Monsters:

    • Egg Defender x2
    • Babydra
    • Petitdra

    Effect Monsters:

    • Wargrey Dragon
    • Char Kaizard
    • Dramon Magician
    • Dramon Knight
    • Violent Dragon
    • Magna Dragon x3
    • Pterodraco x3
    • Dark Spear Dragon x2
    • Dragon Newt x2
    • Dramonic Master x3
    • Dramonic Lord x3
    • Hydra Dragon x3
    • Dramon Magician Girl
    • Fist-Fighting Dragon


    • Dramonic World x2
    • Battle Dramon
    • Swords of Dramonic Fire
    • Wingbeat of Dramons
    • Swift Dramonic Strike
    • Dramonic Roar
    • Dramonic Magic
    • Prideful Wings
    • Fighting Dramon Spirit


    • Dramonic Mirror Force
    • Courage Booster
    • Kaizard's Tenacity
    • Wargrey Force
    • Final Dramonic Burst
    • Brave Shield
    • Great Tornado
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  • Based on the choose on Deviantart since we chatted, a Rush Duel deck based on retro games could be beneficial but I don't know where to start because I have no idea on requests, can you make them for me even though I have no idea. Also, I tried to watch Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens but I quit on it but I still remember the rules of Rush Duel though.

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    • So what cards can go with Retro World, members and support, sorry I'm just clueless and I have no idea what cards I should request based on Retro Gaming, can you provide them.

      Also, can you provide links for watching anime so I could catch up with Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS

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    • I have watched them in 9anime, Kissanime, Gogoanime, I don't remember, so go check these websites out. I don't have links to provide at the moment.

      As for names, you tell me, as I am clueless at that part of the card (which is the card name itself).

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  • I just wanted to thank you for cleaning up my X - Factor page and adding card links

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  • Hey, can you make this request.

    They're called Arcade, like Toons, they reply on Arcade World to activate their variable effects but unlike Toons, they do not get destroyed whenever Arcade World is destroyed.

    These monsters are LIGHT Machine monsters.

    Here are the cards for the first decklist

    Effect Monsters:

    • Arcade Knight (2 Copies)
    • Arcade Magician (2 Copies)
    • Arcade Fighter
    • Arcade Shooter
    • Arcade Wolf
    • Arcade Gardna
    • Arcade Kitsune
    • Arcade Leo
    • Arcade Carbuncle
    • Arcade Pegasus
    • Arcade Lord
    • Arcade Master
    • Genesis Force Arcade Dragon
    • Network Samurai


    • Arcade World (3 Copies)
    • Arcade Menu (3 Copies)
    • Coin-Ops
    • Quarter Alert
    • Arcade Ticket
    • Arcade Prize
    • Arcade Crane

    Existing Spells I Thought Of:

    • Break! Draw!
    • Limiter Removal
    • United We Stand
    • Iron Call


    • Arcade Precognition
    • Arcade Regeneration
    • Arcadize
    • Unplugged Arcade
    • Battle Controller
    • VR Manipulation
    • Online Force

    Existing Traps I thought of:

    • Safe Zone
    • Needle Ceiling
    • Prideful Roar
    • Beckoning Light
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    • Back.

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    • Thank you, also, can you make these requests for a fourth decklist.

      Effect Monsters:

      • Arcade Slugger
      • Arcade Biter
      • Wi-Fi Explorer

      Tuner Monsters:

      • Arcade Synchron

      Synchro Monsters:

      • Genesis Menacer Arcade Dragon


      • Game Auction
      • E-Mail Lightning
      • Arcade Checkpoint
      • Arcade Map


      • Arcade Forcefield
      • Pizza Party

      Existing Cards Used:

      • Cyber Dragon
      • Cyber Eltanin
      • Break! Draw!
      • Iron Call
      • Hand Destruction
      • Limiter Removal
      • Half Counter
      • Ojama Trio
      • Raigeki Break

      Reused Cards:

      • Arcade Knight
      • Arcade Magician
      • Arcade Shooter
      • Arcade Fighter
      • Arcade World (3 Copies)
      • Arcade Falcon
      • Arcade Miko
      • Arcade Kaiser
      • Arcade Champion
      • Arcade Golem (2 Copies)
      • Arcade Orca
      • Arcade Hedgehog
      • Arcade Plumber
      • Arcade Kong
      • Arcade Dancer
      • Arcade Pegasus
      • Arcade Carbuncle
      • Genesis Force Arcade Dragon
      • Genesis Retro Arcade Dragon
      • Genesis Next Arcade Dragon
      • Genesis Fusion
      • Genesis Accel
      • Arcade Reborn
      • Insight Attack - Console Smash
      • Empty Credits
      • Joystick Mind
      • Genesis Neptune Arcade Dragon
      • Genesis Ritual
      • Arcade Slots
      • Arcade Cyclone
      • Arcade Kingdom
      • Arcade Sledgehammer
      • Necro Arcade
      • Retro Mirror
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  • We seem to have to communicate here

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  • You just made one of the strongest "Danger!" Monsters yet (except maaaaybe Chupacabra, which acts as an archetypal Monster Reborn)

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