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  • AvzinElkein - Today at 1:25 PM

    I have an idea.

    Why not make a deck of nothing but DARK Dragons that's focused around being banished and such? Also, incldue a Tuner.

    Oh! Make sure at least of them has an effect that treats it as LIGHT and DARK in the GY.

    Do you need me to explain?

    I need to know.

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  • XXyz Dark Rebellion Empyreal Dragon (it will be XXyz).

    Also, mind if I can request XBrain to make Japanese text for the "normal" and Deck Master Effect (if he can do the latter) for "Rainbow-Eyes Young Dragon"?

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    • He accepted the offer.

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    • Also, cards made by a trustworthy friend of mine, AVeryMetaBoi:

      Rainbow-Eyes Last Sane Dragoncaller
      Level 4 | FIRE | Psychic/Effect | ATK 1300 DEF 1800
      When this card is summoned, roll a die, and if you do, banish dragon monsters from your deck face-down equal to the result, and after the same number of turn as the die roll have passed, add those cards to your hand. If this card leaves the field due to an opponent's card, add the card(s) banished by this card's effect 1 turn earlier than normal. Once per turn, you can roll a die, all "Rainbow Eyes" monsters you control gain 300 ATK times the result.

      I took this initiative for others to make other "Rainbow-Eyes" cards their way, because, well, we need more Rainbow-Eyes cards. :P

      Also, non-canon.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Dunno, I am just too creative, but I need your feedback on this.

    It's called Fantasy Monsters. They are stored in the Warped Deck, but unlike Paradox, Class and Gravity Monsters, they lack DEF, like Link Monsters. Instead, they have an indicator (not Star, just at a loss of words) called Stamina (STM for short). You can send monsters from the field to the GY to Summon a Fantasy Monster from the Warped Deck. The more monsters it requires, the stronger the STM it gets. It cannot be destroyed by battle while it has Stamina, while if you take damage from battles involving a Fantasy Monster, it loses STM equal to the damage you took.

    Also, a favor; it wouldn't be in TDA canon, but that doesn't mean that I am not going to make a "Rainbow-Eyes" Fantasy Monster as a non-canon card.

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    1. Fear and Despair will be in my sidefic, unfortunately, due to that they have Tribes in their deck (look at "Dragonheart Sorcerer Merlin" for reference). Tribe is not to be meant that they are humans, so don't be misunderstood.
    2. Look at this:
    3. Prism-Eyes cards will be reconfigured into non-canon Rainbow-Eyes cards. Also, non-canon RE cards focus on REYD and evolving it, if that's okay.
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    • Key words of the day: not related to canon

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    • Well, in part you are right, but not fully.

      Taylor - Today at 7:27 PM
      In-universe spirits of the dead, yes.
      Among my cards that I've currently made, Ulrich, Rina, and Aleyis all lived at some point in-universe before dying, and now their souls became cards for Soulmeisters (the term for Duelists here) to use.

      My point is, why not making it completely not related to the canon, just to support our friend and his card game idea? If it fails as an idea, we will be proud for trying.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do you have any card list of anime-only cards which you want from me to make?

    Mobile Tower will be made soon.

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    1. I just realized that I missed some Bugster cards, named "Robol Bugster", "Giril Bugster" and "Doral Bugster", as well as "Nebula Bugster" which is meant to be in the upcoming movie (the other three were in the previous movie).
    2. Should there be a "Rainbow-Eyes Astroswitch", "Rainbow-Eyes Eyecon", etc.? If yes, what do you want to say about them, in case I will make them?
    3. Tolemy of the Eisei Clan (Eisei is the Japanese for "satellite") will run a Relay deck and serves as a bait for Nora to face Ira directly, and Tolemy is one of Ira's grunts.
    4. Jessica of the Hermu (gibberish) Tribe, however, runs the "Frostlander" deck, which is a deck I am going to remodel from Toxia to Timewarp. According to a flashback, she faced Illusive Fang, only for her to carry a scar in her belly, which resulted in her loss. After that, she is in command of Ira in order to seek revenge for that Dragon, and goes against the remainder of the Aspect Dragons.
    5. Sally of the Eugeni (noble in Greek) Tribe, is a rich businesswoman who serves as an ally of Nel'zios & Co. only for her cover to be blown and act as a spy of Mire's (similarly to how Sawa acted as a spy in Build). Her deck is also going to be remodeled, from Currency to the new entry of TDA, Chroma. Her deck focuses on the following: Level 4 members act as a swarmer for Level 2s, which in turn spawn the Level 1s, which act as mostly searchers and "rockets" in terms of Summoning to the Level 7 Chromas. However, they cannot use the "multi-material" (see in traits) as they have varied Attributes. Her deck is called "Honor Guard", and the "Colors" Spells/Traps augment the Level scaling all the way to Level 7.
    6. Do you mind if the color of Trance Monsters is going to be Timewarp!cyan on the top with an Enhance!pink on the bottom?
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I lost my USB stick which contained valuable information about TDA along with the card database. For that reason I wont be able to catch up to the TDA things unfortunately.

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  • What do you think of the following names?

    Astroswitch Prism
    Spectral Champion - Nel'zios
    Harvest Musou - Nel'zios
    Arcanimental Nel'zios Ring
    Shift of Nel'zios (for Maldon)
    Masterplan Physicist - Dragonic Build

    Notes from Discord, in case you are lost

    Pierre should be getting a special Spell that lets him banish 2 of his Full Bottles to SS Starving Venom from his Extra Deck, and it'll be treated as a Fusion Summon.

    AvzinElkein - Today at 12:34
    Alternatively, give her a new "Harvest Musou" monster that lets her change a Lockseed to Level 3.

    AvzinElkein - Today at 12:23
    Apollo would get an Equip that turns his Main Deck monster LIGHT.
    oi oi oi gee gee gee - Today at 12:24 And something that quickly "replaces" Equip Spells.

    AvzinElkein - Today at 12:38
    For Jason, the special Spell should change it to LIGHT and give it a new effect that aids Alkahest Heart.

    oi oi oi gee gee gee - Today at 12:36
    If you want support which supports said dragons, I am fine with that.(edited)

    AvzinElkein - Today at 12:36
    I'll let you decide, but my preference is yes.

    AvzinElkein - Today at 12:39
    For Maldon, a S/T that lets him shuffle 2 "Shift"/"Signal"/"Virus" monsters into the Deck to SS Speed Stripe.

    External Notes

    1. Yes, I am planning to give a "Nel'zios" line to most of the suggested names, because they use the newfound powers they are given from Nel'zios that helps them Summon said monsters.
    2. I just realized that such a line for Doris existed, in the form of "Rainbow-Eyes Gashat" and "Cyber Research Gashat, Rainbow Bonds".
    3. I was thinking for a "Masterplan Physicist's Full Bottle - Nel'zios" card. Is it alright as a monster?
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  • Here's a random thought of a Summon mechanic.

    Gambling Monsters
    Colored gray on its bottom-half with a white top-half, stored in the Main Deck and have a Level.
    To Summon, you have to perform the following steps.
    1. Reveal the Gambling Monster in your hand that you attempt to Summon and Tribute 1 monster with a Level you control.
    2. Roll a six-sided die twice and note the results for each die roll (you can alternative roll 2 six-sided dice at the same time).
    3. Now, if the Level of the revealed monster falls under the interval [Level of the Tributed monster; combined dice result] or [combined dice result; Level of the Tributed monster], you can Summon that monster. In the case it falls ahead or behind said interval, the revealed monster is shuffled into the Deck. You can only attempt to Gambling Summon once per turn. (note that "attempt" means that you can only do the first step once, and you can't do it more than once).


    Finance Market Gambling Dragon
    Level 7
    ATK 2500
    DEF 2000
    1 Level 4 or lower MONEY monster
    Each time you gain 800 or less LP by a card effect, inflict that much damage to your opponent. While you have more LP than your opponent's, this card gains 500 ATK and DEF. If this card battles an opponent's Level 5 or higher monster, negate that monster's effects until the end of the Damage Step.

    Say you are able to Tribute "Forex Forester" to attempt to Summon "Finance Market".

    • If you roll 4 and 1 (result is 5), the Summon is failed and "Finance Market" is shuffled into the Deck, as the interval is [4; 5] and the Level of "Finance Market" is 7.
    • If you roll 4 and 5 (result is 9), the Summon is successful and you can Summon "Finance Market", as 7 ∈ [4; 9].
    • If you roll 5 and 2 (result is 7), the Summon is again successful, because 7 ∈ [4; 7] (in fact, 7 is called "Margin", a keyword found to future Gambling Monsters.

    Now, on to the card; this is a more calm version of "Gambling Talon Currency Dragon", and their deck is called "Coiknight", a deck that focuses on low-Level (1,2 and 3) monsters.


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    • Room for improvement sure happens, and it is sure a mechanic that requires luck.

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    • Never mind, I am going to put this in the non-canon anyway.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I was thinking of a Tribe called Gymnastika Tribe. Their deck is an "asana" deck, paying homage to my first archetype ever, "Gymnastic HEROes", and the names are based off Yoga poses. Their aim is to Synchro Summon, spearheaded by the ace "Calamity Wing Synchro Dragon", a corruption of "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" (had this idea, because the canon Dark Rebellion, Odd-Eyes and Starving Venom are all DARK), and can Link. They appear as allies of the Virtuas in disguise, but the appearance of "Calamity Wing" (which is not a real Aspect Dragon, but a mock-up) exposed their colors.

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    • Are you okay with "Kuriboasana" to have an archetype condition, but to be a pseudo-Trap Monster with the stats of the original "Kuriboh"?

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    • Posting this here, because you at work.

      Moda Tribe

      A tribe that controls the once-tossed away "Cosmic Dragon Allies". Their deck is called "Cosmic Dragon" and each member of this tribe will use different strategies to said deck (e.g. Chelsea of the Moda Tribe will use a Fusion-oriented deck centered around "Cosmic Dragon Ally Blood Protector", but she will include 2 other Compositions, both of which are LIGHT. Same for Chloe of the Moda Tribe who will use a Synchro version of it oriented towards "Cosmic Dragon Ally Clear Wing" and she will have 2 other LIGHT Synchros.) Their decks will be random-oriented and, unlike "Rainbow-Eyes" who has members from a vast pool of Types, their deck is completely Dragon.

      They appear as side-allies to Nel'zios and his Aspect Dragons. Translation: Their motive is against the likes of the Gymnastika Tribe, hence their boss (Meredith of the Moda Tribe, who will use "Cosmic Dragon Ally Anomaly Tornado" and 2 other LIGHT Paradox Monsters) confronts with Nel'zios, in a similar manner as how Nel'zios once fought with Timaeus, in order for him to join forces with the Legendary Dragons.

      Oh, and forgot to mention: Each member has a different Skill, each depending on their approach of the deck they are focused on.

      Until then, if you have the green light, I will edit the cards accordingly.

      TL;DR Moda means "fashion" in Greek, and their members are entirely female.

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    • A FANDOM user
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