Memory Monsters (メモリーモンスター (formatted as メモリーモンスター exclusively in card text) Memorī Monsutā) are the first type of monsters created by Taylor Gorrell on this wiki. He has not yet made any plans for these cards, though other makers are free to make Memory Monsters. Memory Monsters reside in the Main Deck and are Summoned by Memory Summon. The color of their card frame is pinkish-red with a distinct design resembling fluffy clouds.

Fitting their name, Memory Monsters require the use of Summon Memories to be Summoned, which are generated through using advanced Special Summon methods and then used as pseudo-Materials alongside Memory Material Monsters. They can only be Memory Summoned from the Deck, requiring other support cards to be Summoned from the hand. If a Memory Monster would be sent to the Graveyard, it is instead placed face-up in the Extra Deck, similar to Pendulum Monsters, and can be Memory Summoned again from there.

Memory Monsters have Levels, and can thus be used as Materials for Summons such as Synchro and Xyz Summons, and they can also be Pendulum Summoned while face-up in the Extra Deck.

Memory Monsters, according to Taylor Gorrell, are creatures whose own identities have been lost, but when triggered by the use of other Summons, the memories of who they are return, allowing them to be Summoned.


  • Memory Monster frames are pinkish-red instead of purely pink as a result of Taylor Gorrell acknowledging the existence of Enhance Monsters.
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