Master Rule ROYAL (Japanese: マスタールールロイヤル Masutā Rūru Roiyaru) are card rules created by KuugaUltimate200 as one of the many "Custom Yu-Gi-Oh! Rulings" created by Custom Card Makers. These ruling will be introduced at "Yu-Gi-Oh! KINGS" and "Kingdom of the Duelist".


The NEW Master Rule ROYAL Field

Essential Rulings Edit

  • Introduced King Cards, King Summoning, King Monster Zones, Reincarnation Zone, and Pendulum Limit rulings.
  • Extended limitations on the number of cards allowed in the Extra Deck.
    • Extra Deck: 0-20 cards

Pendulum Limit Edit

These rules apply to Pendulum Monsters placed face-up at the Extra Deck

  • You can have only have up to 5 Pendulum monsters Face-up in your Extra Deck if you have 20 cards.
  • You can increase that Limit by the following methods:
    • Your Pendulum Limit increases by each card less in your Extra Deck (Ex; If you have 15 cards in your Extra Deck, your Pendulum Limit increases to 10).
    • Your Pendulum Limit also can be increased (or decreased) by card effects.

Reincarnation Zone Edit

  • Once per turn: You can manually send 1 Ritual Monster card from your hand to the Reincarnation Zone.
  • You can also send Ritual Monsters to the Reincarnation Zone an unlimited number of times by card effects.
  • You can Ritual Summon monsters from the Hand or/and the Reincarnation Zone.
  • This zone can store up to 5 Ritual monsters.

Visual Guide Edit

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