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Master Rule 2020 (Shattered Version) (Japanese: マスタールール2020SHATTEREDシャタード Ver。バージョン Masutā Rūru 2020 Shatādo Bājon) are card game rules created by KuugaUltimate200. This is a modified version of Master Rule 2020 revision. These rulings will be used for Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Shattered Soul.

Essential Rulings[]

  • Most rulings of Master Rule 2020 revision are kept.
  • Extended limitations on the number of cards allowed in the Extra Deck.
    • Extra Deck: 0-20 cards

Extra Monster Zone & Pendulum Summon Rulings[]

  • If the player has a Pendulum Monster in the Extra Monster Zone, he/she can Special Summon as many face-up Pendulum Monsters from the Extra Deck to his/her Main Monster Zones, as long they're within the Pendulum Limit. (A Pendulum Monster must already be in a Extra Monster Zone, before the player can Pendulum Summoned multiple face-up Pendulum Monsters from the Extra Deck.)
  • The player can activate/set/place cards on top of Pendulum Monsters in his/her Pendulum Zones (except other Pendulum Monsters), however he/she cannot activate/place Pendulum Monsters on top of cards already in your Leftmost and Rightmost Spell & Trap Zones. (They must be placed horizontal-wise in order to able to read the Pendulum Effects of cards in your Pendulum Zones).

Pendulum Limit[]

These rules apply to face-up Pendulum Monsters that can be Pendulum Summoned from the Extra Deck, while a Pendulum Monster is already in the Extra Monster Zone, without needing Link Arrows.

  • The player's initial Pendulum Limit depends of the number of face-down cards in your Extra Deck.
    • 1-10: 5 Pendulum Monsters
    • 11-14: 4 Pendulum Monsters
    • 13-17: 3 Pendulum Monsters
    • 18-20: 2 Pendulum Monsters
    • At case a player starts the Duel with 0 face-down cards at the Extra Deck, he/she can only Pendulum Summon up to 2 face-up Pendulum Monsters from the Extra Deck, and their Pendulum Limit can only be increased through card effects. But if the player starts the Duel with a number of cards, and then depletes his/her Extra Deck, he/she can still can Pendulum Summon up to 5 face-up Pendulum Monsters from the Extra Deck.
  • The player can increase the Pendulum Limit by the following methods:
    • Your Pendulum Limit increases by each face-down card less in your Extra Deck (Ex; If you have 20 face-down cards in your Extra Deck, and then you Special Summon "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon", your Pendulum Limit increases to 3).
    • Your Pendulum Limit also can be increased (or decreased) by card effects.