Marking of the Silent
JPN Japanese: マーキング・オブ・ザー・サイレント
JPN Phonetic: Mākī Obu Zā Sairento
Creator: NovaTsukimori
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell
Property: Equip Equip
Card Lore:

Tribute 1 monster, then target 1 monster your opponent controls in the same column as the Tributed monster; equip that target with this card, but it cannot be used as Material for a Summon. Take control of the equipped monster. If this card is sent from the field to the GY: You can add 1 Equip Spell Card your Deck to your hand, except "Marking of the Silent".

Japanese Lore:


Sets: Duelist of Chaos
Rarity: Common
Card Limit:
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