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Maria Delacruz Russo is the deuteragonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! D-ZERO. She is officially classified as a member of the Tsukimori Clan. Her ethnicity is Hispanic. Her birthname was officially Maria Delacruz Ramirez.


General Appearance[]

Maria has shoulder-length blue hair and aquamarine blue eyes. She is 5'6" in height.

First arc outfit[]

Maria wears a black midriff-barring t-shirt, blue jeans with bubbles near the bottom and a blue zip-up hoodie jacket.

Pyjama outfit[]

Maria wears a watery tank top and blue short pants that show the ocean floor. A black Tsukimori crest is shown on the front of the tank top.


Maria has a gentle nature and she is in love with the protagonist of the series, Luna. Maria has developed an emotional attachment with Luna when having to know about her dark past, which has made Maria overprotective.

Maria overprotective personality has been highlighted during their date, where Luna was against Johnny Steps in a dancing contest. Steps tries to attack Luna when he became frustrated with her winning. After Luna winning the contest, Maria protectively hugs Luna and became infuriated with Steps, giving him a warning as to what she will do if he tries to attack Luna again.

Maria has a strong desire to keep Luna safe and happy, and she will do everything to make that happen. Maria often becomes worried if she hasn’t seen Luna for a while, and she starts to panic.


Luna Tsukimori (wife)
Tomoe Tsukimori (sister-in-law)
Mana Russo (younger sister)
Unnamed adoptive parents


Maria plays a "Marine Arms" Deck.