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Magnificent VINE
Hime, Queen of Magnificent VINE
Hime, Queen of Magnificent VINE
USA.pngEnglish Magnificent VINE
JPN.pngKanji Mag.VINE
Additional Info
Sub-Archetype of: VINE

Magnificent VINE or (Mag.VINE) is an archetype of  the VINE Group and an arch-nemesis  of Evil VINE, Which is the successor of "Fiber VINE" and used by Yumotori Hizab in Yu-Gi-Oh! Me. The intial release of the archetype contained fully Xyz-Oriented cards, then gained 3 Link Monsters when the Link Summon is announced.

This archetype is composed of LIGHT monsters, mostly Fairy-Type based on Xyz Summoning and refill Xyz Materials.



Few Magnificent VINE monsters are counterparts of "Fiber VINE " and "Paintress ", while the rest are entirely new, all of the monsters feature their "Holy Crest" in their backgrounds.

Magnificent VINE's Crest

Magnificent VINE is the first "VINE" sub-archetype to have a crest, their crest is a shiny "Rub el Hizb" with a shiny planty leaves of "Fiber VINE" in it.


The name "Magnificent" Given to this archetype as known to be noble and splendid in their apperance.


Magnificent VINE is based on a disturptive method to the opponent, by either preventing them from conducting attacks, Summoning or activating effects, also, most of their boss monsters deal burn damage equal to opponent's monsters, cripple them from attacking or activating their effects.

Magnificent VINE appears to be heavily reliant on Swarming the field and gaining advantages from Xyz Summoning, they can also rely on Pendulum Summoning for further additional plays.

Sweet Candy


Cards like Light-Imprisoning Mirror, Ally of JusticeDimensional Barrier ,Grisaille Prison and Frozen Damsel can Destroy the entire deck as they are heavily reliant on Special Summoning and activating effects.



Yu-Gi-Oh! Custom Cards Duel!! Magnificent Vine Vs Barrel Dragon


  • Patrulea of Magnificent VINE and  Ice glass Girl of Magnificent VINE are the only Magnificent VINE Pendulum Xyz Monsters.
    • Patrulea of Magnificent VINE is the only Pendulum Monster with no Pendulum Effect.
  • This is the first VINE Sub-archetype to have 4 Pendulum Monsters respectively.
  • This is the first Sub-Archetype that is entirely pure Xyz Monsters.
  • This is also the first Sub-Archetype to have (CLASS_W)
  • "Magnificent VINE Binding Snake" is the only "Magnificent VINE" Spirit Monster.
  • Ironically, "Pakita,Levelist of Magnificent VINE" is a Tuner Monster, considering this sub-archetype is Xyz Focused, this is almost similar to "Baby Princess of Gust VINE" and "Yasmin, Young Princess of Gust VINE" are the only Tuner Monsters without a Synchro Monsters to have.
  • This is the only "VINE" Sub-acrhetype with the least Support.