Luna's Deck: Descent of the Moonlight Dragon is a Special Deck based off a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! D-ZERO.


Contains 44 cards

  • 44-card Deck
    • 1 Moonlight Gold Rare
    • 2 Moonlight Ultra Rare
    • 3 Moonlight Super Rare
    • 37 Moonlight Parallel Rare
  • Focuses on the Yu-Gi-Oh! D-ZERO character, Luna
  • Introduces 5 new ace Dragons that are to be in Luna's disposal.
  • A new parallel foil rarity.
  • Contains an enhancement pack of 5 out of 8 possible cards.
  • Contains a double-sided shiny playmat with a Dueling Guide on the other side.
  • Contains a specialized, golden coloured rulebook.
  • Contains 70 card sleeves containing Luna herself and the boss monster of the archetype, "Chaos Rift Beast - Moonlight Zero Dragon"
  • The cover card is "Chaos Rift Beast - Moonlight Zero Dragon"


  • Unknown as of now

Deck List Edit

This Deck includes:

Enhancement Pack ListEdit

This enhancement pack includes:

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