Overall Lore: Edit

Loy Academy
In the beginning there were four races separated by time and the Void. Wondering what else is there, Imanity built the Tower of Babel to reach the other side and discovered the Void. Soon, a shock wave was released that shook the heavens and brought Demons to the world of Humans in physical form. They tried to cut them off in fear of the creation that  they had made, the tower that reached the heavens only to reach that which they feared the most. Soon the Demons took over and ruled over the Humans on earth from the shadows, but many taught Humans to advance due to needing their life force for survival. Years had passed and man had created various advancements including machines and genetic mutation which lead to the creation of  the Faunus that were once slaves. They soon fought for independence against the Humans and Robots that greatly outnumbered them. Demons, loving the chaos, came to the Faunus in their defeat and granted them more attributes that can only be obtained through their animal genes giving them the way to win the war. The rebellion ended with the Faunus living in various villages far from the scourge that is the war loving Humans upon the island of Yggdrasil. The Humans were not satisfied and suffered for it, due to this they became wanting machines to be more like man. They built the first android and machines began to resist their creator. As they did, the Humans began trying to use Faunus as a means of backup by tricking them into war. Once again wanting the chaos, the Demons even helped this occur through manipulating the leaders which went well until the Faunus discovered dirt on the Humans. There was a never ending war from what it seemed with constant blood shed only stopped when they discovered they were all just food for the Demons that took full advantage of this war to bring back their Demon lord.

This was when the three races united to fight off the Demons and remove their ability to summon their lord from the world they came from. Fortunately, it resulted in the near eradication of the Demons. They were left as slaves of several purposes, even today only some are free due to the war crimes. Then the portal was closed and the kingdom united of three was established using a game as a way of peace. Duel Monsters, which vaguely told children the story of their world and the battles they had through a silly game.This created various uses of the game and resulted in the careers and schools soon to come. One of which being Loy Academy, a way for all to come to be accepted and learn together and play Duel Monsters .The Demons were also allowed access to education due to an uplift program hoping they will eventually learn to turn over a new leaf if they are presented with good alternatives.

Loy Academy: Edit

The island itself that lies in the center of the archipelago, it was chosen to be a beacon of peace for the 4 factions however tension is still stirring among them.

The academy  is a high tech facility with a defense system in case of a riot or attack by the public furious at the mixing of the races and is known as the Loy named after the island itself.The island holds a bustling city ontop of having an academy so the students will be able to shop and spend time to together as students should.

Humanity: Edit

  • Humanity: North
  • Island: Imanity
  • Capital: New Tokyo 
  • Leader: Alexanderia Caeser
  • Bio: Humans reside in the island of Imanity in the northern hemisphere of the planet Gaia,their capital is New Tokyo, a bustling city of the future with the best science and technology an island could ask for.

Faunus: Edit

  • Faunus: East
  • Island: Yggdrasil
  • Capital: Elchea
  • Leader: Izuna Hatsuse
  • Bio: Faunus are personified Animals that can walk, talk, and do almost anything a human can do while retaining their animal abilities and features that can tell them apart. 

Machine: Edit

  • Machine: North
  • Island: Machanica
  • Capital: Coruscant
  • Leader: Kalani B1-268
  • Bio: The machines are mechanical humanoids with strange souls within them. Some of them are developed as cyborgs or androids. They created thousands of factories and held one of the largest armies

Demons: Edit

  • Demon: South
  • Island: Purgatory
  • Capital: Pandæmonium
  • Leader: Lucifer Yahwen
  • Bio: The demons are the tricksters and crafty ones who caused the wars.They are blessed with powers to do what they wish

Timeline Collapsed: Edit

  • Humans built a tower to the Heavens Babel (actually a warp gate): 2005 December 16th
  • Demon Landing from said Portal: 2005 December 18th
  • Demons Take Over and Educate: 2006 July 05
  • Faunus Creation: 2218 January 1st
  • Faunus Rebellion: 2440 March 23rd
  • Faunus VS Humans + Machine: 2440 March 24th
  • Treaty of the Two Worlds: 2242 October 2nd
  • Machine Creation: 2442 June 4th
  • Machine Rebellion: 2443 January 29th
  • Machine Vs Humans + Faunus: 2445 November 11th
  • Human Vs Faunus Vs Machine: 2447 April 2nd
  • Demon Vs Human + Faunus + Machine: 2449 December 21st - 2453 May 1st
  • Treaty of the Four Kingdoms: 2453 May 1st
  • Present Day: 2454 21st Of June

Plot Line: Edit

Welcome One and all to Loy Academy the beacon of peace for the 4 nations! This is where our story begins...

A strange purple crack hovers over the school it emits a low buzzing sound as strange people begin to appear,who are they you ask..nobody knows

Strange people are beginning to show up around loy..They seem not to remember much..who are they...

These people had disappeared after a while.. No one knows where to but the cracks is gone and so are they. The students are left wondering why, how and what is next

A tournament has began to welcome the start of the summer term, who will win is the question which circuits the school area.However this is not just it rumors have spread around the school relating to the haunted green dorm 33,legends of what might haunt the hallways at night, a beast underneath the school and a legendary demon lord acting as a student..

The world of Loy was englufed in darkness as former Dr. Raymond Hamm returned to summon a legendary deity by collecting 5 souls,with the help of Whisper, Moffin and Lich with a few ghost minions they succedded leaving multiple students left stuck in a TV.After the students defeated these minions they went to the head honcho himself to finish the haunt and thanks to skill of Agaza a victory was given to the students.

This ruin appeared and shit. The number 10X holders went some. Some of them won. Others lost to stupid LP gain monsters. Anyways, they went to the prison room. Some followed the path, others ignored it because they don't look at pinned messages. they dueled Inverted Nyon-Sama and won. That's when a big fucking bolder came Indiana Joan's style, and everybody yeeted the fuck out of there.

The school believing all was at peace sat down for a minute before a mysterious ruin appeared in the spot of the staircase defended by the Numeron Gate Guardians, who were chosen by Numeron to protect a shiny orb he resided. This lead to the student discovery a few things about the numbers and their origins.It also lead to them defeating the guardians by the hands of two mighty duelists. Suddenly the Deity Numeron appeared after the twos defeat leading to a few questions being answered and his disappearance.

As the ship crashed into the island strange events began to occur, first the teachers had become their younger selves forcing them to be younger, next a mysterious cult who resided on the island who prayed to the Orichalos and finally multiple students had events occur to them calling for them to gain more strength to defeat a new villain named Z-ARC. The hero's calling occurred with Randel who nearly single handedly defeated the cult helping the captured students out of their imprisonment. Soon after Core had the ship working back up allowing them to return onto their route to the island.

The Island contained great relaxation and enjoyment for the students, but of course, that would not last. Soon the Students discovered a strange cave in the mountains, and found the crystal gate. Suddenly, they were face to face with the Generals, who dueled the students, with just a few ones being able to escape. The rest were taken into custody, where they dealt with some okay prison conditions. After a while, the students, thanks to some strange double agent tactic from a certain student, were able to escape the prison. The generals, having had their home invaded, and having the prisoners escape, wreaked havoc onto the island, attacking shops and students, either seriously maiming, or even killing a few. Eventually, they were all defeated, with their souls traveling together to the great beyond, with the students then traveling back to Loy.

Rules: Edit

Basic Rules: Edit

  • 1. Respect all other members, just because someone has a different view on something does not mean you can start shit with them, anyone who initiates arguments will get a 5 minute mute. Do not personally attack people's beliefs, values, or personalities, especially out of character. In character is all good.
  • 2.Just because you are a mod/staff member does not mean you are immune to any rules and if you are caught breaking any of these rules you will be demoted.
  • 3.Do not try to get around punishments by leaving the server and re-joining
  • 4.No raiding
  • 5.Keep channels clean and chat in the designated channels.
  • 6.Do not spam ping anyone, one ping shall suffice.
  • 7.Talking with each other is important especially if you want to plan something or connect the two characters. Meaning any action that requires the participation of someone else's character requires the consent of the other player.
  • 8.Alternate Accounts can NOT Be Used In RP To Bypass the OC limit(4). If You Are Found Using a Alt to Do So, You Will be Punished Based on the Severity of your usage.
  • 9.No Advertising unless permitted by me or my staff
  • 10.The server is on a 3 warning system, rule breaking and ignorance towards my staff team will lead to a strike. If you receive your third strike, you will be banned and those with the power who can do this are moderators, admin, and of course the owner.
  • 12. Teachers don't take up OC slots
  • 13. Respect the decisions of my staff and do not ignore them in any way.

Dueling Rules: Edit

  • 1.We use Dueling Nexus
  • -Dorm Duels are in matches,
  • -while other duels are just normal 1v1s
  • -we use MR5
  • -No Banlist mode
  • -Tag duels are allowed if so make it 2v2 with 16,000 LP
  • 2. Please don't bring competitive decks into this, it is an RP and not a YCS. 
  • 3.Pure decks ONLY, there are a few exceptions. Some archetypes will be generic. meaning that they are able to be mixed in and the ED is allowed to be mixed
  • 4.We use our own ban list on top of Konami, get over it
  • 5.Two OCS  can use the same  archetype
  • 6.Two decks with the same archetype may only be exact copies if the original owner has permitted it

Roleplay Rules: Edit

  • 1. Use (text) for talking out of the RP, when in the RP
  • 2. Use * text * for when doing actions in the RP
  • 3. Use "text" for when talking in the RP
  • 4. You have to have an accepted oc and an accepted deck to roleplay so no using unaccepted ocs and decks
  • 5. If your OC/Character has been in a scene for 12 hours with no response from the other person you can unlock yourself. When doing this make it seem natural however, as in taking a phone call, going to the bathroom, etc. don't just put "leaves' ' if they were in the middle of a conversation. Make it natural yet still unlocking yourself.
  • 6. Don't attack other characters without reason and you can’t kill someone else’s OC / cut of other’s body parts without their permission
  • 7. You Aren't Allowed To Print Additional or Fake Copies of Plot Cards.
  • 8. You can ERP but vore, rape, beastliest, NTR and incest is illegal and the age of consent is 16 
  • 9. You can’t fuck any duel spirits and they can't fuck you
  • 10. Godmodding is when a character has the power to do anything/everything, break all limits and laws of physics and lore, or is immune to all external influence without a proper explanation; such as immortality, indestructibility, etc.
  • 11. Never meta-game. This is defined as giving your character knowledge that they would not know otherwise, bringing information learned OOC, giving that knowledge to your character and also teleporting to plot immediately. The best example I've ever heard of this is; just because you can see the name of the character on the account, does not mean that your character already knows their name.
  • 12. No Power-gaming which is defined often as acquiring a  powerful equipment or unusual abilities with a lack of focus on story progression or character interaction. There is also the part of it which is the rapid growth of power quickly and finally there is mastering the most powerful abilities, or techniques in less than 1/10 the time needed.
  • 13. Do not take control of another's ocs  without consent.
  • 14.Everyone can see duel spirits however they can only affect their users and other duel spirits
  • 15.Spirit Max is 5
  • 16.Don’t teleport. Like going from the beach straight to your room. Either wait a minute (not like 30 minutes but at least 3) or go through some other channels first.

Spirit Rules: Edit

  • 1.Everyone can see duel spirits however they can only affect their users and other duel spirits.
  • 2. 5 MAX Duel spirits
  • 3. Spirits can become smaller than their size but not a stupid small. They can not go larger than their normal size
  • 4. Dimension Champions , Signers and Barians can be touched by all spirits and touch them back

Plot Cards: Edit

Dimension Dragons: Edit

Signer Dragons: Edit

Barians (10X Numbers): Edit

The other students and staff can be found in Loy Dorms

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