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For the card with the same name, see Love Unbound (Card).

Love Unbound is a Booster Pack. It follows the Breakthrough Strike set, and is followed by the Stardust Illusion set.


Cover Card: Marine Rift Beast - Hydro Zero Dragun and Gesshoku Rift Beast - Refraction Zero Dragon

Booster Set Number: 405

Set art colour: Blue

Contains: Introduces Gesshoku, Lune-Eyes and Blitzrider archetypes. Supports Red-Eyes, Archfiend, Cyber Dragon, Cybernetic, Elemental HERO, Neos, Destiny HERO, Vision HERO, Fabled, Hieratic, Photon, Magician, Enter-Mate, D/D, Sacred Beast, Marine Arms, Aviolition, Shatterhail, Mana, Chaos-Eyes, Union monster, Overlimit and to go with its Structure Deck, Hiro.


There are 85 cards in total. These are comprised of:

Card List[]