Lion Heart King, the Revenge
はんこつとう ライオンハート - ザ·リベンジ·キング
JPN Japanese: はんこつとう ライオンハート - ザ·リベンジ·キング
JPN Phonetic: Hankotsu no Tōshi Raion Hāto - Za Ribenji Kingu
JPN Translated: Rebellious Fighter - Lion Heart, the Revenge King
Card Attribute: DARK DARK
Card Type(s): [ Warrior/Enhance/Pendulum/Effect ]
Level: Level 1 Level star
Pendulum Scale: 2 Pendulum Scale 2
ATK/DEF: 100 / 100
Card Effect Type(s): Ignition/Summon/Continuous/Trigger/Quick/Trigger/Unclassified/Ignition
Pendulum Lore:

Once per turn, if you do not have a card in your other Pendulum Zone: You can choose 1 Pendulum Monster from your Deck and place it in that Pendulum Zone.

Monster Lore:

1 "Lion Heart" Xyz Monster + 1 Equip Spell Card
Must first be Enhance Summoned. This face-up Attack Position card cannot be destroyed by battle. When you take battle damage from battles involving this card: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to the amount of battle damage you took. If this card battles an opponent's monster, during damage calculation (in either player's turn): You can shuffle 1 of your banished Level 1 monsters to your Deck; your opponent takes any battle damage you would have taken from that battle. If this card in the Monster Zone is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can destroy all cards in your Pendulum Zones, and if you do, place this card in your Pendulum Zone. When the card it was Enhance Summoned is equipped with "Lion Heart Fist", you can activate this effect.
● Once per turn: You can banish 1 "Lion Heart" Xyz Monster from your Graveyard, then target 1 Set Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls; that target cannot be activated, also the it cannot be activated in response to this card's effect.

Japanese Lore:

Pendulum Effect: ①:1ターンに1度、もう片方の自分のペンデュラムゾーンにカードが存在しない場合に発動できる。デッキからペンデュラムモンスター1体を選び、自分のペンデュラムゾーンに置く。
Monster Effect: ???

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