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Legendary Duelists: Duel Monsters is a is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the Third set. It is followed by Legendary Duelists: Duel Monsters Pt 2. (This Pack is: Unofficial by official means.)



Legendary Duelists: Duel Monsters contains cards used by Duelists from "Duel Monsters". They are: Joey Wheeler, Yami Yugi & Yugi Muto, Tristan Taylor, Yami Marik, Yami Bakura, Dartz, Mai Valentine, Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood, Leon von Schroeder, Zigfried von Schroeder, Noah Kaiba, and Solomon Muto and more archtypes.


The set contains 227 cards. This is comprised of:

--92 Monsters--

--92 Spells--

--43 Traps--


Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
LDDM-EN001 Aeris Common Normal Monster
LDDM-EN002 Seven-Armed Fiend Common Normal Monster
LDDM-EN003 Soldier Ant Common Normal Monster
LDDM-EN004 Tom Thumb Rare Normal Monster
LDDM-EN005 Brigadier of Landstar Common Normal Monster
LDDM-EN006 Glassman Common Normal Monster
LDDM-EN007 Grappler of Landstar Common Normal Monster
LDDM-EN008 Knight of Landstar Common Normal Monster
LDDM-EN009 Necro Mannequin Common Normal Monster
LDDM-EN010 Orichalcos Gigas Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN011 Forest Wolf Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN012 Seven Kid Goats Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN013 Carboneddon Super Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN014 Giant Rex Super Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN015 Kaitoptera Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN016 Last Tusk Mammoth Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN017 Ancient Dragon Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN018 Orichalcos Malevolence Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN019 Red-Eyes Chaos Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN020 Command Angel Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN021 Little Red Riding Hood Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN022 Princess Cinderella Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN023 Valkyrie Brunhilde Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN024 Valkyrie Dritte Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN025 Valkyrie Erste Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN026 Valkyrie Zweite Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN027 Fortune Chariot Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN028 Kuribabylon Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN029 Kuribah Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN030 Kuribee Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN031 Kuribeh Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN032 Kuriboo Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN033 Armored Centipede Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN034 Parasite Caterpillar Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN035 Pheromone Wasp Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN036 Poison Butterfly Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN037 Vampiric Leech Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN038 Orichalcos Aristeros Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN039 Orichalcos Dexia Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN040 Orichalcos Shunoros Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN041 Plasma Eel Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN042 Pumpkin Carriage Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN043 Divine Serpent Geh Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN044 Ancient Giant Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN045 Blocken Super Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN046 Lengard Super Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN047 Necro Jar Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN048 Orichalcos Kyutora Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN049 Sacred Stone of Ojhat Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN050 Hexe Trude Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN051 Thorn Princess Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN052 Forest Hunter Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN053 Globerman Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN054 Iron Hans Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN055 Iron Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN056 Legendary Knight Critias Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN057 Legendary Knight Hermos Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN058 Legendary Knight Timaeus Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN059 Royal Straight Slasher Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN060 The Legendary Fisherman III Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN061 Glife the Phantom Bird Secret Rare Effect Monster
LDDM-EN062 Disgraced Mage Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN063 Necro Soldier Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN064 Necro Wall Common Effect Monster
LDDM-EN065 Mirror Knight Calling Rare Ritual Monster
LDDM-EN066 Horned Saurus Common Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN067 Amulet Dragon Gold Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN068 Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN069 Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight Gold Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN070 Doom Virus Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN071 Mirror Force Dragon Gold Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN072 Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN073 Tyrant Burst Dragon Gold Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN074 The Duke of Demise Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN075 Time Magic Hammer Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN076 Goddess Bow Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN077 Rocket Hermos Cannon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN078 Timaeus the Knight of Destiny Gold Rare Fusion Monster
LDDM-EN079 Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon Ultimate Rare Synchro Monster
LDDM-EN080 Cell Division Token Super Rare Token Monster
LDDM-EN081 Copy Token Super Rare Token Monster
LDDM-EN082 Selection Token Super Rare Token Monster
LDDM-EN083 Spirit Token Super Rare Token Monster
LDDM-EN084 Doppelganger Token Super Rare Token Monster
LDDM-EN085 Stone Giant Token Common Token Monster
LDDM-EN086 Token: Joey Wheeler Promo Token Monster
LDDM-EN087 Token: Yami Yugi Promo Token Monster
LDDM-EN088 Token: Kaiba Promo Token Monster
LDDM-EN089 Token: Yugi Muto & Yami Yagi Promo Token Monster
LDDM-EN090 Mirror Knight Token Ultra Rare Token Monster
LDDM-EN091 Pigeon Token Ultra Rare Token Monster
LDDM-EN092 Necro Wall Token Super Rare Token Monster
LDDM-EN093 100-Year Awakening Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN094 Aero Nail Common Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN095 Altar of Restoration Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN096 Ancient City Common Field Spell Card
LDDM-EN097 Ancient Gate Common Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN098 Ancient Key Common Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN099 Ancient Tome Common Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN100 Arduous Decision Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN101 Aria From Beyond Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN102 Attrition Common Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN103 Awakening from Beyond Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN104 Bounce Spell Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LDDM-EN105 Brave Attack Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN106 Burning Soul Sword Common Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN107 Cell Division Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN108 Counterbalance Common Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN109 Curse of Thorns Common Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN110 Cursed Twin Dolls Common Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN111 Dark Spear Gold Rare Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN112 Dark Wall of Wind Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LDDM-EN113 Deepest Impact Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN114 Dragon Nails Common Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN115 Enchanted Sword Nothung Common Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN116 Excalibur Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN117 Final Light Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN118 Five Star Twilight Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN119 Flaming Fist Common Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN120 Giant Flood Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN121 Giant's Training Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN122 Gingerbread House Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN123 Glass Slippers Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN124 Goddess Erda's Guidance Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN125 Goddess Skuld's Oracle Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN126 Goddess Urd's Verdict Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN127 Goddess Verdande's Guidance Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN128 Gold Moon Coin Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN129 Golden Castle of Stromberg Common Field Spell Card
LDDM-EN130 Grave Arm Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN131 Grief Tablet Common Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN132 Hand Control Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN133 Hyper Refresh Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LDDM-EN134 Ice Age Panic Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN135 Impact Revive Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN136 Iron Cage Common Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN137 Landstar Forces Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN138 Landstar Shot Common Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN139 Legend of Heart Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN140 Lev. 2 Power Boost Common Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN141 Magical Academy Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LDDM-EN142 Magical Alms Common Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN143 Magical Pigeon Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LDDM-EN144 Matter Leveler Common Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN145 Mirage Spell Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LDDM-EN146 Mischief of the Time Goddess Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LDDM-EN147 Necromancy Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN148 Negate Defense Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN149 Next World Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN150 Nibelung's Ring Common Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN151 Nibelung's Treasure Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN152 Orichalcos Mirror Common Ritual Spell Card
LDDM-EN153 Pegasus Wing Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN154 Pump Up Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN155 Quick Attack Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN156 Ragnarok Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LDDM-EN157 Rainbow Blessing Common Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN158 Rainbow Bridge Bifrost Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN159 Rare Metal Soul Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LDDM-EN160 Reckless Parasite Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN161 Ride of the Valkyries Common Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN162 Roll of Fate Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN163 Rose Whip Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN164 Royal Straight Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN165 Spell Textbook Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LDDM-EN166 Spider Silk Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN167 Spinning Wheel Spindle Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN168 Spirit Illusion Super Rare Equip Spell Card
LDDM-EN169 Spirit Sword of Sealing Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN170 Spiritualistic Medium Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN171 Star Blaster Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN172 Surprise Attack from Beyond Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN173 Swan Maiden Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN174 The Eye of Timaeus Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN175 The Fang of Critias Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN176 The Seal of Orichalcos Deuteros Ultra Rare Field Spell Card
LDDM-EN177 The Seal of Orichalcos Tritos Ultra Rare Field Spell Card
LDDM-EN178 Twin Bow Centaur Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN179 Underworld Circle Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card
LDDM-EN180 Valkyrie's Embrace Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN181 Water of Life Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN182 The Claw of Hermos Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LDDM-EN183 Ambush Shield Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN184 Apple of Enlightenment Rare Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN185 Celebration of Creation Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN186 Chain of the Underworld Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN187 Chaos Barrier Field Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN188 Class System Common Counter Trap Card
LDDM-EN189 Compensation Mediation Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN190 Dark Magic Retribution Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN191 Dark Spell Regeneration Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN192 Disgraceful Charity Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN193 Divine Wind Common Counter Trap Card
LDDM-EN194 Extinction Fist Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN195 Fearful Earthbound Common Continuous Trap Card
LDDM-EN196 Fricka's Mediation Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN197 Ground Breaking Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN198 Ground Erosion Common Continuous Trap Card
LDDM-EN199 Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN200 Infestation Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN201 Joyful Doom Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN202 Jurassic Heart Common Counter Trap Card
LDDM-EN203 Life Shaver Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN204 Loge's Flame Common Continuous Trap Card
LDDM-EN205 Magician's Selection Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN206 Martyr Curse Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN207 Mimesis Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN208 Mirage Ruler Common Continuous Trap Card
LDDM-EN209 Mirror Tablet Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN210 Narrow Corridor Common Continuous Trap Card
LDDM-EN211 Natural Selection Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN212 Necro Cycle Common Continuous Trap Card
LDDM-EN213 Nighmare Tri-Mirror Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN214 Nightmare Mirror Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN215 Parasite Worm Common Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN216 Rebirth Tablet Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN217 Reduction Barrier Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN218 Silver Dollar Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN219 Soul Shield Rare Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN220 Spirit Shield Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
LDDM-EN221 Summoning Clock Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
LDDM-EN222 Take One Chance Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN223 The Legendary Gambler Common Continuous Trap Card
LDDM-EN224 Vessel of Illusion Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN225 Vow of Tribe Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LDDM-EN226 Wotan's Judgment Super Rare Counter Trap Card
LDDM-EN227 Zombie's Jewel Common Normal Trap Card