Kyoya Mawari
Name: Kyoya Mawari
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Decks: Monosaur/Biosaur
Key Cards: Ultra Tyrannous Biosaur

Super Magma Biosaur

DNA Crossing

Chronos-Eyes Rage Tyranno

Appears In: Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite

Kyoya Mawari is a main character in Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite. He is Yuzuki Taiga's best friend and one of the few people to actually notice him towards the start of the story.




(In the Works)


On the first day of Yuzuki's transfer, Kyoya was the only one to acknowledged and speak to him. The two quickly became the best of friends shortly after their first meeting.


Kyoya uses a "Monosaur/Biosaur" Deck based on varying species of Dinosaurs and Attributes. His primary means of Summoning is Fusion Summoning through the use of his Deck's version of Polymerization, DNA Crossing and its various forms. Majority of his cards allow him to gain advantage while he controls more monsters than his opponent.

He later receives "Chronos-Eyes Rage Tyranno" and "Chronos Shift Raptor" from Yuzuki as a symbol of the friendship the two share. Kyoya adds both to his Deck and as a result, also adds more generic Dinosaur/Fusion support, such as "Dino Fusion", in order to supplement the added cards.



Opponent(s) Chapter Outcome
Takashi Enomiya & Suzuha Enomiya 3-4 Win (with Yuzuki Taiga)
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