King Summon
English King Summon
Spanish Invocación Rey
Furigana Kキング召喚
Kana キング召喚
Phonetic Kingu shōkan
A King Summon (Japanese: キング召喚 Kingu shōkan; Kキング召喚 in the card text ) is the act of Special Summoning monsters from the Extra Deck to "King Monster Zones" unlocked by King Cards.

How to King Summon Edit

During the Main Phase, the turn player can activate a King Card on a Spell & Trap Zone, and unlock "King Monster Zones" depending on the King card's King Hierarchy. Then the player can Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck to any of the unlocked King Monster Zones.

The player can do this multiple times per turn, as long as the combined King Hierarchy of multiple King Cards doesn't go over 5.

Example Edit

Example A: King Summon monsters with a King Card. Edit

Example B: King Summon monsters with multiple King Cards. Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Although this is treated and named as it's own summoning type, this actually is not a new summoning mechanic, but a way to bring monsters from the Extra Deck to Main Monster Zones turned to King Monster Zones through the use of King Cards, without the need of a Link Monster being placed in the Extra Monster Zone prior.
  • When summoning a monster from the Extra Deck through it's corresponding Summoning Mechanic to an unlocked King Monster Zone, the word "King" is added to the name of Summon Mechanic.
    • Examples:
      • Fusion Summon turns into "King Fusion Summon"
      • Synchro Summon → "King Synchro Summon"
      • Xyz Summon → "King Xyz Summon"
      • Pendulum Summon (From the Extra Deck) → "King Pendulum Summon"
      • Link Summon → "King Link Summon"
      • Etc.
  • This new mechanic works with all unique summoning methods except for Rituals which are a mechanic from the Main Deck, except if they are Ritual Pendulums, but that would be through Pendulum Summoning not Ritual Summoning.
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