Kado Senpu
Age 18
Gender Male
Status Alive
Dislikes Having his cards destroyed
Occuptation Student
School Saku Academy
Deck Gust VINE
Debut Stage 7
Appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! ME

Kado Senpu is a supportive character of Yu-Gi-Oh! ME, he is one of Yurie Tisumi's childhood friends, and Junior of the Fusion Branch. Despite the Fusion Branch's bias to other branches, he hangs out with Ryuzaki Senshi.

Design:[edit | edit source]

Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Kado is a caucasian-skinned man with a aqua green hair that is swirled and shaped in a similar fashion to Jaden Yuki's, with teal eyes. His school uniform has a purple necktie, which implies him being from the Fusion Branch.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kado is often a laid back boy and often comes up with plans with Ryuzaki. He rages whenever one of his favorite monsters get destroyed by the opponent's cards, and loses his mind to the point of playing recklessly, then he immediately cools down and apologizes He admires Melissa Meiry' style of dueling, he also despises Tyrone Sultaa.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Deck:[edit | edit source]

Kado uses a "Gust VINE" deck, which focuses on using different strategies to distrupt the opponent's usage of Graveyard, as well as using the opponent's monsters as Fusion Materials.


Duels[edit | edit source]

Opponent Chapter Outcome
Jeff Spaike 001 Lose
Melissa Meiry 001 - 002 Win
Yukio Taker 003 Lose
Tyrone Sultaa 004 Win
Melissa Meiry 006 Lose
Kado Senpu and Ryuzaki 007-??? TBD (with Melissa Meiry)
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