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Journey Through the Decade is a is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the first set. It is followed by The Duelist's Soul!. (This Pack is: Unofficial by official means.)

This Started out being called "3 Egyptian Gods". On 2/14/2020 the Pack name was changed to "The Journey Through the Decade".



Journey Through the Decade contains Support for the "Dragonball", "Sacred Palladium", "Egyptian Gods", "Blue-Eyes", "Seto Kaiba" and "Signer Dragons" archetypes. All of which are Custom Made Cards i made last Decade (10 Years) (Since 2009). Some may have been made by konami since then! Some Were Made By Konami to Spice the Pack up a bit so its not just Blah of Custom cards.


The set contains 232 cards. This is comprised of:

--153 Monsters--

--71 Spells--

--11 Traps--


Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
JOTD-EN001 Magical Moonlight Unicorn Ultimate Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN002 Dragon Castle - Dark Knight Dragon Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN003 Dragon Castle - White Knight Dragon #2 Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN-004 Dragon Castle - White Knight Dragon Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN005 Garestgolath Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN006 Volcanic Dragon Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN007 Morning Star - Venus Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN008 Noble Kaguya Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN009 The Ties of Friendship Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN-010 Frigid Beast - Freezer the Tyrant(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN011 Z-Warrior - Jiangshi(Card)/(Custom) Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN012 Lava Golem Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN013 Lava Golem Synchron Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN014 Mammon, Lord of Underworld(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN015 The Sacred Palladium - Aknadin(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN016 Akiza Izinski(Card)/(Custom) Ultimate Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN017 Crow Hogan(Card)/(Custom) Secret Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN018 Dragon Castle - Dark Knight Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN019 Dragon Castle - White Knight Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN020 Jack Atlas(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN021 Jaden Yuki(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN022 Joey Wheeler(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN023 Leo(Card)/(Custom) Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN024 Luna(Card)/(Custom) Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN025 Maximillion Pegasus J. Crawford(Card)/(Custom) Secret Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN026 Millennium Shield Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN027 Mokuba Kaiba(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN028 Ryou Bakura(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN029 Serenity Wheeler(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN030 Seto Kaiba(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN031 Solomon Muto(Card)/(Custom) Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN032 Yugi Muto(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN033 Yusei Fudo(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN034 Z-Warrior - Adult Sun Wohan(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN035 Z-Warrior - Brenks(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN036 Z-Warrior - Daimaou(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN037 Z-Warrior - Erlang Shen(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN038 Z-Warrior - Future Sun Wohan(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN039 Z-Warrior - Jiangshi and Erlang(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN040 Z-Warrior - Qilin(Card)/(Custom) Secret Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN041 Z-Warrior - Sun Wohan "Kid"(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN042 Z-Warrior - Sun Wohan "Youth"(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN043 Z-Warrior - Sun Woten(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN044 Z-Warrior - Sun Wukong(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN045 Z-Warrior - Vegate(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN046 Z-Warrior - Zedaki(Card)/(Custom) Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN047 Z-Warrior Alternative - Sun Wukong Jr.(Card)/(Custom) Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN048 Z-Warrior Alternative - Vegate Jr.(Card)/(Custom) Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN049 Angel Warriors Rare Normal Monster
JOTD-EN050 Pegasus - Wings of Freedom Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN051 The Millennium Palladium - Shadi(Card)/(Custom) Promo Normal Monster
JOTD-EN052 The Winged Dragon of Ra - Immortal Phoenix(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN053 The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN054 The Winged Dragon of Ra(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN055 Kid Sun Wukong - Golden Giant Monkey(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN056 Two-Headed Jackal Warrior Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN057 Blue-Eyes Baby White Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN058 Blue-Eyes Darkness Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN059 Blue-Eyes Supreme King Dragon Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN060 Celestial Lord - Chaos Rainbow Dragon Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN061 Darkness Wyvern Dragon Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN062 Dragon Castle - Dark Knight Dragon #2 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN063 Dragoniter Dragon of Ra Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN064 Obelisk the Dragoniter Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN065 Slifer the Dragoniter Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN066 Arctic Ice Dragon Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN067 Hourglass of Life(Custom) Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN068 Anubis, the Lord of the Dead(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN069 Frigid Beast - Freezer 100% Full Power(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN070 Frigid Beast - Freezer Emperor of the Universe(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN071 Frigid Beast - Freezer: 2nd Form(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN072 Frigid Beast - Freezer: 3rd Form(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN073 Frigid Beast - Mecha Freezer the Tyrant(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN074 Great Shadow Magus(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN075 Millennium Germ Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN076 The Beginning of Anubis Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN077 Crimson Dragon(Custom) Promo Effect Monster
JOTD-EN078 Jinzo Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN079 Negative Jinzo Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN080 Fire Dragon(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN081 Ace of Club's Super Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN082 Ace of Diamonds Secret Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN083 Ace of Hearts Secret Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN084 Ace of Spade's Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN085 Dragon Sorceress Secret Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN086 Illusion Magician(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN087 King of Ace's Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN088 Lady of Faith(Custom) Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN089 The Forbidden One - Exodia Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN090 The Grand Vizier - Shimon Muran(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN091 The Sacred Palladium - Isis(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN092 The Sacred Palladium - Karim(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN093 The Sacred Palladium - Mahad(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN094 The Sacred Palladium - Seto(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN095 The Sacred Palladium - Shada(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN096 Angel Warrior of Paladins Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN097 Ascended Z-Warrior - Kid Sun Wukong(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN098 Ascended Z-Warrior - Sun Wohan "Youth"(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN099 Ascended Z-Warrior - Sun Wukong(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN100 Ascended Z-Warrior - Vegate(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN101 Bandit King Bakura(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN102 Blue-Eyes White Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN103 Celtic Warrior Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN104 Duos Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN105 Primal Z-Warrior - Gogate(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN106 Primal Z-Warrior - Sun Wukong(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN107 Primal Z-Warrior - Vegate(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN108 Super Z-Warrior - Brenks(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN109 Super Z-Warrior - Kid Sun Wukong(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN110 Super Z-Warrior - Sun Wohan "Youth"(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN111 Super Z-Warrior - Sun Woten(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN112 Super Z-Warrior - Sun Wukong(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN113 Super Z-Warrior - Vegate(Card)/(Custom) Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN114 Super Z-Warrior - Wotenks(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN115 Téa Gardner(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN116 The Pharaoh - Atem(Card)/(Custom) Promo Effect Monster
JOTD-EN117 Ultra Z-Warrior - Kid Sun Wukong(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN118 Ultra Z-Warrior - Sun Wukong(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN119 Ultra Z-Warrior - Vegate(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN120 Ultra Z-Warrior - Wotenks(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN121 Yami Bakura(Card)/(Custom) Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN122 Yami Yugi(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN123 Zelua(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN124 Slifer the Sky Dragon(Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN125 Black Luster Soldier of Lightness Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
JOTD-EN126 Tristan Taylor(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
JOTD-EN127 Z-Warrior GT - Kid Sun Wukong(Card)/(Custom) Rare Ritual Monster
JOTD-EN128 Obelisk the Tormentor (Custom) Gold Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN129 The Creator God of Light, Horakhty(Custom) Gold Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN130 Blue-Eyes Doom Dragon Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN131 Duos Dragon(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN132 Violet-Eyes Chaos Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN133 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Toon Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN134 Supernova Dragon(Custom) Super Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN135 Dark Paladin Girl(Custom) Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN136 Dragon Castle - Dark Dragon Knight Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN137 Dragon Castle - White Dragon Knight Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN138 Joey the Swordsman(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN139 Leo & Luna(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN140 Z-Warrior - Gogate(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN141 Z-Warrior - The Z Fighters(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN142 Z-Warrior - Wotenks(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
JOTD-EN143 Pharaonic Divinity - Obelisk the Tormentor Gold Rare Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN144 Pharaonic Divinity - Slifer the Sky Dragon Gold Rare Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN145 Pharaonic Divinity - Winged Dragon of Ra Gold Rare Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN146 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon(Custom) Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN147 Rimescale, Dragon of the Mountains Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN148 Dark Warlock Super Rare Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN149 3 Ninja Crew - Genin Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
JOTD-EN150 Duel Dragon Token(Custom) Super Rare Token
JOTD-EN151 Exodia Token(Custom) Common Token
JOTD-EN152 Kaiba Token(Custom) Common Token
JOTD-EN153 Ancient Blue-Eyes White Dragon(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Effect Monster
JOTD-EN154 Battle City(Card)/(Custom) Ultimate Rare Field Spell
JOTD-EN155 Bonding - CO2(Custom) Super Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN156 Brotherhood Kamehameha(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN157 Dark Dragon Transformation Super Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN158 De-Spell & Trap Removal Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN159 Dragon Fist(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN160 Duel Academy(Card)/(Custom) Rare Field Spell
JOTD-EN161 Duel Mode - Yugi(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN162 Duel Monsters World(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Ritual Spell
JOTD-EN163 Ever Lasting Friendship Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN164 Evil Containment Wave(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN165 Existence Destruction(Card)/(Custom) Ultimate Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN166 Fake Moon(Card)/(Custom) Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN167 Forbidden Ones Broken Seal Ultimate Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN168 Friendship That Never Ends Secret Rare Ritual Spell
JOTD-EN169 Full Power Kamehameha!(Card)/(Custom) Ultimate Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN170 Fusion Dance(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN171 Gods Unite Gold Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN172 Hyper Polymerization Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN173 Instant Transmission(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN174 Internal Flaming Sword Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN175 Kaiba Spell 4(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN176 Kaio-Ken Kamehameha!(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN177 Kaio-ken x3(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN178 Kaio-ken x10(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN179 Kaio-ken x20 Kamehameha!(Card)/(Custom) Parallel Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN180 Kaio-ken x20(Card)/(Custom) Ultimate Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN181 Kaio-Ken(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN182 Kamehameha!!!!(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN183 Large Spirit Bomb(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN184 Luster Soldier of Light Ultra Rare Ritual Spell
JOTD-EN185 Millennium Eye(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN186 Millennium Key(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN187 Millennium Necklace(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN188 Millennium Puzzle(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN189 Millennium Scale(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN190 Mind Shuffle(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN191 Monster Reborn Gold Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN192 New Battle City(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Field Spell
JOTD-EN193 Obelisk's Sword of Fate(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN194 Opening Gate of Elements(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN195 Planet Earth Ultimate Rare Field Spell
JOTD-EN196 Regeneration(Card)/(Custom) Secret Rare Continuous Spell
JOTD-EN197 Saiyans are A Warrior Race!(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Field Spell
JOTD-EN198 Spirit Bomb(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN199 Stone Slab of Lost Memories(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN200 Super Kaio-ken(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN201 Super Kamehameha!(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN202 Super Spirit Bomb(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN203 Sword of Darkness Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN204 Sword of Destiny Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN205 Sword of Ice Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN206 Sword of Light Ultra Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN207 Sword of Water Super Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN208 Sword of Wind Common Equip Spell
JOTD-EN209 The Living Arrow(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN210 The Pharaoh's Name!(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN211 The Saiyan's Connection(Card)/(Custom) Super Rare Normal Spell
JOTD-EN212 The Saiyan's Fighting Spirit(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN213 The Saiyan's Final Resolve(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN214 The Saiyan's Raging Spirit - Confrontation(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN215 The Saiyan's Sanctuary - Hope(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN216 The Winter Effect Ultimate Rare Field Spell
JOTD-EN217 True Kamehameha(Card)/(Custom) Ultimate Rare Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN218 Wish of the Blackstar Dragonballs(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Ritual Spell
JOTD-EN219 Wish of the Dragonballs(Card)/(Custom) Common Quick-Play Spell
JOTD-EN220 Ascended Super Saiyan(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN221 Full-Power Super Saiyan(Card)/(Custom) Gold Rare Equip Spell
JOTD-EN222 Blue-Eyes Attack Chargement Ultra Rare Continuous Trap
JOTD-EN223 Curse of the Pyramid of Light Ultra Rare Continuous Trap
JOTD-EN224 Equal Power(Card)/(Custom) Common Normal Trap
JOTD-EN225 Exodia Obliteration Ultra Rare Normal Trap
JOTD-EN226 Family Kamehameha(Card)/(Custom) Ultimate Rare Counter Trap
JOTD-EN227 Father-Son Kamehameha(Card)/(Custom) Secret Rare Counter Trap
JOTD-EN228 Interception(Custom) Secret Rare Counter Trap
JOTD-EN229 Power of the Egyptian Gods(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Counter Trap
JOTD-EN230 Power of the Signers(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Counter Trap
JOTD-EN231 Saiyan's Anger - Super Saiyan Transformation(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Normal Trap
JOTD-EN232 Twin Dragon Shot(Card)/(Custom) Ultra Rare Counter Trap