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Name Intertwined
Kanji 4失われた魂の物語インタトワインド
Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Tragicomedy
Created by Trey Arclight

Intertwined is a Yu-Gi-Oh!-based fanfiction created by Trey Arclight, and is set in the Original Dimension. It explores the dimension and how it was destined to fall into ruin- and how a brave group of individuals dared defy the cycle of destruction.


The Original Dimension- or the United World, as some would call it- is a world of rapid innovation and competition. Duel Monsters, like most high-profile games, has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon with the advent of technological advances, including Real Solid Vision and a satellite-powered real-time ranking system. Rushing to become the top of their country, and even the world, the world has begun to take Dueling very seriously. But among the top echelons of the ladder, there exist people who use the game as a way to vent their frustrations and escape from their disgusting everyday lives, a mentality that can breed violence and distrust...


Main characters[]

Supporting characters[]

  • Marquis Torrence
  • Linnea Hennessey
  • Bart Beyer
  • Jude Stoddard
  • Helen Zhao
  • Jessica Rice
  • Reuben Draper

Minor characters[]