Imprint Monster is a new monster type for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters card game created by Avzin. Like Toon and Gemini, it is a non-Summon secondary Type.


Imprint monsters will tell you what kind of card they can Imprint; an Imprint monster will gain the effect of the card they Imprint; if more than one, it'll tell you what effect gets imprinted. The [IMPRINT:] box tells you what it can imprint, from where, and what happens to the Imprinted card. Imprinted effects are treated as the monster's effects, and if a Normal Spell/Trap, Quick-Play Spell, or Counter Trap is Imprinted, the effect can only be used once while the Imprint monster is on the field, unless that effect is restocked, in which case the effect can be used once more. If a non-Continuous Trap or a Quick-Play Spell is Imprinted, the Imprinted effect is a (Quick Effect), which is Spell Speed 2 even if the Imprinted card is a Counter Trap.



  • Cards that equip to other monsters or Special Summon themselves cannot be Imprinted.
  • If you get to imprint an Echo Spell Card, you can choose which effect to imprint (the Echo Effect or its Spell Effect).
  • If you get to imprint another monster, you can choose which of its activated effects to imprint. You cannot choose to imprint monsters that only have non-activated effects (e.g. you cannot imprint "Lightning Rod Lord", since it only has a Continuous effect).


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