Himeji Akiyama
Name: Himeji Akiyama
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Decks: Battle Maiden
Affiliation Stars Gang
Appears In: Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground

Himeji Akiyama is one of the main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! Underground. She is a former member of the Rings Gang, and for unknown reasons (as she currently does not remember) left them. After being found and saved by Yukito Ousama, she decided to join the Stars Gang and begins working as his assistant


Himeji has long, curly, black hair that goes down to her waist and is slightly spikey on the top. She also wears a white "X" shaped hairpin on her left fringe. She has blue eyes, and a face that Yukito describes as "adorable, and makes me want to poke it until she gets mad". She is always seen wearing the Hoshio Duel Academy female uniform for 1st Year Students (the color being red), though the skirt for her uniform is longer than the average ones. She is also slightly shorter than most girls her age.


The "Hime" part of her name translates to "princess".


Due to a currently unknown incident in the past, Himeji has developed a few issues with her personality: She is prone to getting attached quickly, becomes very clingy (though currently, this is only towards Yukito), and she has developed a fear of abandonment. Despite all of these issues, she maintains a bright, bubbly personality and is usually seen smiling.

While she is usually against violence, when frightened, Himeji will often hit whatever is directly in front of her, and should it be a person (as it usually ends up being Masato or Yukito), they will end up flying away in a comedic fashion.

While she is usually very respectful of people, she won't refer to most people using honorifics, and those she does use honorifics with, she usually gives them a strange nickname, such as naming Kou Terumi "Phoenix-san", or naming Roman Serazawa "Quest-kun", the former of the two accepting the name with joy. However, she properly refers to Yukito as "Yukito-san", and Masato as "Yamigami-senpai".




Himeji plays a Battle Maiden Deck, with the aesthetic being an all-female, Superhero-esque squad. Majority of her plays involve the use of Normal Spell Cards on the field, in the Graveyard, and in the Banished Zone. While she is a practitioner of the Synchro Summon method, she currently hides this fact and curves her strategy to work, even without the use of Synchro Summoning.

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