LionHeartKIng Wiki

These rules are expected to be followed both in this Wiki:

Character limit

Please post no more than 700 characters on a card (Pendulum Monsters withstanding). A card must be concise and readable as if it was on a real YGO card.

No Copyrighted material

This is self-explanatory. This is a legal offence that can get you sued.
A card's name, for example, cannot just be named after any officially licensed IP like a character from a media.
If you post a card with an image here, please be sure it follows any of the following guidelines:
* The image does not belong to any official artwork (a simple recolour counts towards this).
* The image is not being used without permission
* The image is not being used without giving the artist credit.

Basic Knowledge of PSCT

Please, understand basic knowledge of Problem-Solving Card Text when making cards or converting old text to newer text. This page here, is an in-depth guide as to how such text works, so please read over it to understand. You can contact NovaTsukimori if you have trouble with PSCT, but it can only be for small fixes.