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Hayate Sakakura
Name: Hayate Sakakura
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Decks: WIND
Key Cards: Wind Emperor Deity - Zephyr Phoenix
Appears In: Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite

Hayate Sakakura is a main supporting character in Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite. After befriending Yuzuki Taiga and Kyoya Mawari, he joins the central group in their adventures. Along with Yuzuki, he is known as the youngest owner of an "Emperor Deity", "Wind Emperor Deity - Zephyr Phoenix", which he inherited from his grandfather.




(In the Works)


Near the beginning of the Festival Arc, Hayate transfers into Miraigami Academy, having moved across town recently. After getting lost on the way back home after school, he is found by Yuzuki and Kyoya, the former of which is recognized as being a fellow owner of an "Emperor Deity". Hayate offers a Duel, which Yuzuki accepts, and after a clash between their respective "Emperor Deities", Yuzuki emerges victorious. In the aftermath of the Duel, as "repayment" for helping him find his way home and for Yuzuki revealing two forms of his ace, Hayate attempts to reveal his evolved ace monster, but Yuzuki insists he save it for whenever they Duel next. Settling with that, the three agree to battle it out in the tournament within the coming weeks.


Hayate uses a WIND Deck, focused around Synchro Summoning. He can easily swarm the field through cards such as Descendants of the Wind and Dual Summon.

His pen-ultimate strategy involves using "Wind Emperor Deity - Zephyr Phoenix" to swarm his field with "Zephyr Tokens", in order to not only boost the ATK of "Zephyr Phoenix", but to also provide it with surplus protection.



Opponent(s) Chapter Outcome
Yuzuki Taiga 17 Lose