Hana Bloom
Neo hinn.png
Other names Hinn "Hinn, Maiden of The Fiber VINE"
Age 29
Gender Female
Status Alive (as a Duel Spirit)
Dislikes Dogs
Appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! ME

Hinn (known as "Hana Bloom" before death) is a character version of "Hinn, Maiden of The Fiber VINE"  and a Duel Spirit. as being one of Yurie Tisumi's cards, Yurie is the only Character who is able to communicate with this character. aside from appearing in Yu-Gi-Oh! ME, she also appeared as the "Poster Girl of YGOCC". Her current age is never given.

Contray to popular beliefs, Hinn is not portrayed as Astral-like.

Design:[edit | edit source]

Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Hinn is originally a humanoid imp version of Rose, she has a light Green Skin, Dark Red eyes, green hair with an extra bang attached to the back, she wears Dark Green Shirt, gloves, leggins, and Pink Rose-esque skirt, with toe nail make-up, and spiked vines in the back, her eyes scalera are yellow, with two oni-horns and large forehead. This appearance is also her Card Version's.

Personality:[edit | edit source]

Despite not given too much of a role, Hinn shows a degree of Loyality to Yurie.Hinn has a bubby pe Prsonality, it's often shown when she is shown in Various ways, in her latest artwork, she is shown to do the V gesture , closing one of her eyes, and stick her tongue out, Or When she is Summoned, her pose is rather different than any other monster Yei used, she stands on one leg, sticking her butt and other leg out. Hinn seems to be a slow learner, and asks too many questions, she also displays a massive ignorance of how human world works. Hinn desperately seeks interaction and fun, therefore she returns to her card with sour taste in her mouth, as she implied that she's the only card that can actually speak, she easily feels bored alone.

Voice and mannerisms[edit | edit source]

Hinn usually ends her non-Question sentences with "~nya"

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