• ♄ ---> Saturn(Wind)
  • ♂ ----> Mars, (Fire)
  • ♇ -----> Pluto (Thunder)
  • ⛢-----> Uranus (Rock)
  • ♃---->Jupiter (Forest)
  • ♆-----> Neptune (Water)
  • ♀------> Venus (Illusion Magic)
  • ☉-----> Sun (White Magic)
  • ☿-----> Mercury (Black Magic)
  • ☾-----> Moon (fiend magic).
  • Basically, these are the guardian stars (A.K.A alignment). each of them will sometimes give an advantage of 500 ATK and DEF upon battling a monster with weaker primary alignment and will give an disadvantage of the same ammount upon battling a monster with stronger alignment, giving 500 ATK and DEF to that monster with stronger allignment during the damage step only. All monsters have 2 guardian stars and when summoned, you choose any of them to be applied. Monsters that are placed on the field without being summoned (being flipped face-up, returning from banished zone, GY, etc) will be placed with their first guardian star.

Strongess and weaknessEdit

  • The chart below shows what guardian stars is strong against the other, where ---> indicates that the alignment pointing is stronger than the one pointed

Guardian Star Strong Against
♄ (Saturn) ⛢ (Uranus)
⛢ (Uranus) ♇ (Pluto)
♇ (Pluto) ♆ (Neptune)
♆ (Neptune) ♂ (Mars)
♂ (Mars) ♃ (Jupiter)
♃ (Jupiter) ♄ (Saturn)
☉ (Sun) ☾ (Moon)
☾ (Moon) ♀ (Venus)
♀ (Venus) ☿ (Mercury)
☿ (Mercury) ☉ (Sun)


  • Monsters with Guardian Stars cannot be destroyed by battle with a monster that shares Guardian Stars (e.g. "Crystterious Tsuchinoko" cannot be destroyed by "Crystterious Cadejo", as they share the Jupiter Guardian Star). However, a monster with X and Y Guardian Stars cannot be destroyed by the effects of a monster with the same Guardian Stars, e.g. a monster with Jupiter and Venus Guardian Stars cannot be destroyed by the effect of a Jupiter and Venus Guardian Star monster, or even itself (as by default, it will have the same Guardian Stars as itself)
  • If a monster is used as a material for a Summon of a monster, or Tributed for a Tribute or Ritual Summon, that monster gains the Guardian Stars of the monsters used for that Summon (e.g. if you use "Crystterious Cadejo" and "Giant Rat" for the Request Summon of "Crystterious Merlion", it gains the Jupiter and Mercury Guardian Stars "Cadejo" had, thus giving it protection from battles against Jupiter and Mercury Guardian Star monsters, and protection by the effects of itself and a monster with Jupiter AND Mercury Guardian Stars.
  • Guardian Stars are placed to the bottom-left of the card, where the gamecode is located, and replaces it.


Monsters with multiple types, attribute or some "High Dragons" made after the heroic dragons from Dragon City can have more than 2 guardian stars.

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