• ♄ ---> Saturn(Wind)
  • ♂ ----> Mars, (Fire)
  • ♇ -----> Pluto (Thunder)
  • ⛢-----> Uranus (Rock)
  • ♃---->Jupiter (Forest)
  • ♆-----> Neptune (Water)
  • ♀------> Venus (Illusion Magic)
  • ☉-----> Sun (White Magic)
  • ☿-----> Mercury (Black Magic)
  • ☾-----> Moon (fiend magic).
  • Basically, these are the guardian stars (A.K.A alignment). each of them will sometimes give an advantage of 500 ATK and DEF upon battling a monster with weaker primary alignment and will give an disadvantage of the same ammount upon battling a monster with stronger alignment, giving 500 ATK and DEF to that monster with stronger allignment during the damage step only. All monsters have 2 guardian stars and when summoned, you choose any of them to be applied. Monsters that are placed on the field without being summoned (being flipped face-up, returning from banished zone, GY, etc) will be placed with their first guardian star.

Strongess and weaknessEdit

  • The chart below shows what guardian stars is strong against the other, where ---> indicates that the alignment pointing is stronger than the one pointed
Guardian Star Strong Against
♄ (Saturn) ⛢ (Uranus)
⛢ (Uranus) ♇ (Pluto)
♇ (Pluto) ♆ (Neptune)
♆ (Neptune) ♂ (Mars)
♂ (Mars) ♃ (Jupiter)
♃ (Jupiter) ♄ (Saturn)
☉ (Sun) ☾ (Moon)
☾ (Moon) ♀ (Venus)
♀ (Venus) ☿ (Mercury)
☿ (Mercury) ☉ (Sun)


Monsters with multiple types, attribute or some "High Dragons" made after the heroic dragons from Dragon City can have more than 2 guardian stars.

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