Gray Yuki
Age 16
Gender Female
Corresponding card X - Factor V: Rippers Revenge
Status Alive
Likes Her Family (Deceased), Dueling, Defeating Factors
Dislikes Most Factors, Shady Alleys, being beat
Deck [[X - Factor

Ship Girls]]

Appears in [[Scattered Factors

Loy Academy (As An NPC)]]

Gray Yuki is a Factor Hunter within Scattered Factors. She could be considered a Counterpart to Kite from Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL. She uses a X - Factor Deck. Gray Yuki also appears in Loy Academy as an NPC for an Orichalcos Arc. She used Monarchs during that time.

Backstory Edit

She was a normal person living a normal life, and beginning to learn how to play "Duel Monsters". However, one day the Factors appeared. A Factor of an unknown Number appeared and controlled a man, causing him to murder her family. She was forced into a Duel, where her X - Factor V: Rippers Revenge manifested and won her the duel. Being changed by the experience and Factor V, She now travels about,hunting the other factors for revenge.

The First Factor she hunted was Factor LXX (70): Illusion Knight. Summoning her Signature Card, Yudai was Quickly Beat. After a string of victories, and a string of defeats for Yudai, she encountered a fellow Factor Hunter, Marisa Wren. They planned to hunt Factors together, sharing similar ideals. This was short lived, when Marisa passed out from a Heart Attack. Thinking she was dead, she picked up her Factor as remembrance and headed back to the park. After she handed Yudai another crushing defeat, he snapped. Turning "Dark", he challenged Gray to a Shadow Game. The duel didn't go well for her at first, being forced to throw out her entire hand. The Sorrow of thinking she had lost Marisa, and the Hatred of losing her hand caused her to use the first Chaos Factor, and Yudai was quickly overwhelmed, bringing his final defeat.

Later, Sora Mureto and Mitsuko Hosen would arrive in Tamashii City. She defeated both of them

Abilities Edit

Gray can somehow sense when Factors arrive, and track them. The origin of this ability is unknown

Duel Stats Edit

V.S Unnamed Man (Flashback) - Win (+ X - Factor V: Rippers Revenge)

V.S Yudai Gensou - Win (+ Factor LXX: Illusion Knight )

V.S Aiden Aldrin - Win (+ Factor XXXIX: Blaze Runner)

V.S Yudai Gensou - Win (+ Factor X: Forsighter)

V.S Yuki Hikari - Win (+ Factor LVII: Star Seraph Sail)

V.S Crystal - Win (+ Factor XXIV: Paldpugian)

V.S Marisa Wren - Win

V.S Yudai Gensou - Win

V.S Aiden Aldrin - Win

V.S (Dark) Yudai Gensou - Win

V.S Sora Mureto - Win (+ Factor LX: Dragunity Knight - Excalibur)

V.S Mitsuko Hosen - Win (+ Factor XCVI: Blastellar Hatyaj)

Lifetime Factors: Edit

X - Factor V: Rippers Revenge (Currently Owned)

CX - Factor V: Fear the Ripper (Currently Owned)

Factor LXX: Illusion Knight (Currently Owned)

Factor XXXiX: Blaze Runner (Currently Owned)

Factor X: Forsighter (Currently Owned)

Factor XXIV: Paldpugian (Currently Owned)

Factor LVII: Star Seraph Sail (Currently Owned)

Factor: XCIX Factor - Eclipser Artillery (Currently Owned)

Factor XXXV: Doom Demon - Destruction Guardian (Currently Owned)

Factor LX: Dragunity Knight - Excalibur (Currently Owned)

Factor XCVI: Blastellar Hatyaj (Currently Owned)

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