Gatling Guntai Battleground
G.ジーG.ジー バタルグラウンド
JPN Japanese: G.ジーG.ジー バタルグラウンド
JPN Phonetic: Gī Gī Bataruguraundo
Creator: HiroKing
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell
Property: Field Field
Card Lore:

Once per turn, you can destroy 1 “Gatling Guntai” Equip Card you control, then draw 1 card, and if you do you can equip 1 “Gatling Guntai” Union Monster from your hand to a “Gatling Guntai” monster you control as an Equip Card. Your opponent can only attack monsters in the same column. Face-up “Gatling Guntai “ monsters you control are unaffected by your opponent monster effects in different columns.

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Other Card Information:

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