Force of the Dark Fist is a booster pack.

Features:[edit | edit source]

This pack Will feature Lyris1064Chadook, and LionHeartKIng's cards.

Galleries:[edit | edit source]

Card List[edit | edit source]

Set Number Legacy Card Name: English/International Card Name: Japanese Rarity Type
FDAF-EN-001 Paintress Assalia 女流画家 -アッサリア  Mosaic Rare Normal Monster
FDAF-EN-002 Supa-Paintress Archer Turkia スーパー。女流画家 - アーチャートルコ Paralel Rare Synchro Monster
FDAF-EN-003 Yasmin, Jasmine Hime of Gust VINE G・Vine ジャスミンのヤスミン姫 Secret Rare Fusion Monster
FDAF-EN-004 Orange Declan 柚子と玲子の子供 Ghost Rare Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-005 DorFox of Poverty 悪い合併フォックス Mosaic Rare Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-006 Stellarknight Constellar Artifact - Artimes Bow Super Rare Xyz Monster
FDAF-EN-007 Supa-Paintress Disfguring Bacouzu Secret rare Synchro Monster
FDAF-EN-008 Girl of Gust VINE 「G・Vine」 ベイブ Common Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-009 Paintress Goghi 女流画家 - ゴッホ Golden rare Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-010 Jungle Onna of Fiber VINE F.VINE GEE BABE Promo Rare Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-011 Carole, Onuncu Queen of The Fiber VINE F・Vine ネヘモスギャルキャロル Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
FDAF-EN-012 M.O.E Knife Art Magician Super Rare Ritual Pendulum Monster
FDAF-EN-013 M.O.E Goghan Magician Girl ??? Ritual Pendulum Monster
FDAF-EN-014 M.O.E SuccuBagician ??? Ritual Pendulum Monster
FDAF-EN-015 M.O.E Yasmagician Ultra Rare Ritual Pendulum Monster
FDAF-EN-016 Knifewing Alchemist Secret Rare Evolute Pendulum Monster
FDAF-EN-017 M.O.E. Wizard Super Rare Pendulum Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-018 Sakuraoni Rare Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-019 Azure-Eyed Carole of Fiber VINE Secret Rare Evolute Monster
FDAF-EN-020 Gas Fiend - Phoenix Rare Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-021 Knifewing Engineer Ultimate Rare Fusion Monster
FDAF-EN-022 Rock Golem ロックゴーレム Secret rare Evolute Monster
FDAF-EN-023 Banana Girl of Fiber VINE Rare Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-024 Nijihana of Fiber VINE Super Rare Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-025 Fire Fafa Enhanced Common Evolute Monster
FDAF-EN-026 Little J Girl of Gust VINE Rare Fusion Monster
FDAF-EN-027 Knifewing Tamer - Stormbringer Super Rare Fusion Monster
FDAF-EN-028 Mikana of Bandagarl Common Synchro Monster
FDAF-EN-029 Red Yukiron - ROM Queen Rare Fusion Monster
FDAF-EN-030 Lana, Whiptail Girl of Magnificent VINE Common Link Effect monster
FDAF-EN-031 Illegal Legendary Wyrm of Stardust スターダストの伝説ウィルム Star Rare Evolute Monster
FDAF-EN-032 Hydraulic Succubariel Common Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-033 Hydraulic Temptress Rare Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-034 Hydraulic Frostwitch Common Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-035 Hydraulic Vampor Rare Effect Monster
FDAF-EN-036 Hydraulic Einherjar Super Rare Fusion Monster
FDAF-EN-037 Hydraulic Strigoi Secret Rare Fusion Monster
FDAF-EN-038 Hydraulic Oni Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
FDAF-EN-039 Hydraulic Polymerization Starfoil Rare Normal Spell Card
FDAF-EN-040 Hydraulic Stream Mosaic Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
FDAF-EN-041 Hydraulic Wave Common Counter Trap Card
FDAF-EN-042 Llama Common Normal Monster
FDAF-EN-043 Yasmin, NEO Princess of Gust VINE Super Rare Fusion Monster
FDAF-EN-044 Paintress EX - Turkia Common Evolute Pendulum Monster
FDAF-EN-045 Paintress Phoenix Goghi Secret Rare Evolute Pendulum Monster
FDAF-EN-046 Yasmin, NEO Princess of Gust VINE G.VINE NEO ヤスミン・ザ・プリンセス Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
FDAF-EN-047 Medivatale Deerady Ultimate Rare Non-Effect Evolute Monster
FDAF-EN-048 Stardust Cat Draco Common Non-Effect Evolute Monster
FDAF-EN-049 Rainbow-Feathered Rooster Common Effect Link Monster
FDAF-EN-050 Evolute Re-Vision Gold Rare Equip Spell Card
FDAF-EN-051 Arlownaynia Ultimate Rare Effect Evolute Monster
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