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Flow is a new monster type for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters card game created by LHK. These monsters are colored strong cyan; they are stored in the Extra Deck.

Flow Monsters have Levels and, for their Summon, they require a Surge monster and non-Surge monsters, all of which must be in either field, GY or banished (all in one location). They then are placed in a stack, and the Flow Monster is Summoned on the top of that stack, like in Xyz Monsters and Bypath Monsters, and the Materials can be detached like Xyz Monsters' and Bypath Monsters' Materials. They must follow the following formula:

Level of the Surge monster + number of the non-Surge Materials = Level of the Flow Monster


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  • Aquatic Conformity Flow Dragon: 1 Surge + 1+ non-Surge monsters
    You can Flow Summon this card by using (from the field, GY or banished)
    • 1 Level 1 Surge and 6 non-Surge monsters (only from the GY or banished)
    • 1 Level 2 Surge and 5 non-Surge monsters
    • 1 Level 3 Surge and 4 non-Surge monsters
    • 1 Level 4 Surge and 3 non-Surge monsters
    • 1 Level 5 Surge and 2 non-Surge monsters
    • 1 Level 6 Surge and 1 non-Surge monster


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(Coming Soon!)