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Fiber VINE
Carole, Queen of Fiber VINE.
Carole, Queen of Fiber VINE.
USA.pngEnglish Fiber VINE
JPN.pngKanji F・VINE
Additional Info
Sub-Archetype of: VINE
Manga Appearance Yu-Gi-Oh! Me

Fiber VINE (F・VINE, formely "Earth Plant") is the First Manga-Only Sub-Archetype of VINE, which is focused on Ritual and Evolute Summoning, which is used by Yei Tisumi, All Fiber VINE are EARTH monsters (With few exceptions). This was basically the first VINE Sub-archetype that got through changes in terms of improvements.

This was the first Overall "VINE" archetype. This archetype is supported by the Equip Spell cards and Trap Cards series "Perfume"



With the sole exception of "Carole, Archfiend Queen of Fiber VINE"," Lilith Girl of Fiber VINE", and "Carole, Onuncu Girl of Fiber VINE", most of Fiber VINE monsters are primaly based on "Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli"characters, and mostly on different wild animals, "Fiber VINE Forest" is the jungle itself as it provides primary support for "Fiber VINE" monsters.

Smilar to "PSY-Frame" and "Genex", this archetype also focuses on the support of the Normal Monster "Carole, Queen of Fiber VINE", or Its other Counterparts, mainly for being treated as Normal Monsters as well. Also, several humanoid and animal monsters seem to be re-constructed counterparts of "Arlownay", "Snakeyashi", "Firegrass","Silver Fang".....

Playing style:[]

"Fiber VINE" can be played through more than 2 strategies:


With "Fiber VINE Forest", you can build your setup by ritual summoning " Lilith Girl of Fiber VINE" and gaining more hand advantage to proceed to other ritual summons, playing the second will grant an aggro OTK  with three monsters, however if the "Forest" leaves the field, or gets its effects Negated, the setup is crippled.


You can also make an Evolute Fiber VINE-based, by using several Xyz Summon methods support, also some of the main cards can be used, such as "Bomomoberry"," Puff Puff Ladybug of Fiber VINE".

Generic Support:[]

cards like "Gale Dogra", "Nekroz Kaleidoscope" (ritual summoning "Nekroz of Unicore") will mill either "Herald of the Arc Light"  to search or "Elder Entity N'tss" to pop cards. "Odd-Eyes Advent" can be used to Ritual Summon "Fiber VINE Tigeragon" from your hand or Graveyard. "Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands" can be one of these Generic support for Fiber VINE, along with "Unrevealed Fly".

Also, most of  "FIber VINE" monsters have self-Discarding effect, and Self-Banishing effecrs, allows them to Gain more advantages. "Srpentfly of Fiber VINE " and "Fiber VINE Tigeragon Chick" provide the best Searching engines for your first Turn Setups.


Fiber VINE had many controversial issues regrading the Self-Discard effects the Ritual Monsters had, as people came to believe that they are "Nekroz Clones", as a result, all Ritual Monsters except "Lilith Girl of The Fiber VINE" and "Carole, Onuncu Queen of The Fiber VINE" were turned into Pendulum Monsters instead.


Despite having a potential and raw Power, "Fiber VINE" Deck is super mega vunerable to cards like "Macro Cosmos", as the cards needed to be in the Graveyard to activate their effects, also "Thunder King Rai-Oh" and "Masked HERO Dark Law" can completely cripple the entire deck to death as it needs to discard, search and draw besides the Draw Phase and the Damage Step, thus it's near impossible to get around these obstacles if not stopped from the get go.


  • None of the Hand effects of "Fiber VINE" cards are used byYei.