Falid Bombaoui
Age 30
Gender Male
Status Alive
Dislikes Yui Tisumi
Previous occupation Teacher
Deck Crashbug
Appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! Me

Falid Bombaoui is a side Character of Yu-Gi-Oh! Me, he was initially a teacher of Yei Tisumi's class, then demoted and replaced with Wandyr Minami after using "Ear-Chewing Centipide", and he is also known to be one of Niwre's buddies, alongside with Ansektu Monarku to team up against Yei,  like the rest of the team, he also bears a grudge against Yei and biased to her.



Falid is a long man with a healthy figure, his hair is generic and colored military-like, his eyes are yellow-black gradient, he often wears a purple glasses that covers his eyes, he also wears a typical black Toxedo suit with a red necktie, and white blouse, with black shoes.


Falid is simply "Farid" mispelled wrong as sometimes someone cannot spell "r" or "ر" or just spelled for joke purposes. While "Bombaoui" is a Tunisian pun of the word "Bomb" which designiates the "Crashbug" Deck he uses.


Falid is a self-absorbed man,with all of his denial of things he either is obviously obvilious about or just is biased to Yei as he firmly believes that everything she says is a "farce", even if it was true, he also only applies rules against her, but not against anyone else in her class, like how he ordered her to leave the classroom because she was only spacing out for few seconds, and how he actively kept her ignorant of how Xyz Monsters worked to win advantage in addition to how much he hates her.


Invasion of ChaoticsEdit

As he was explaining about Legendary Duelists, Falid got upset seeing Yei spacing out and ordered her to leave class immediately without any further questions. Later, he stumbles upon Yei and Fokkusu Taker's hang out, and challenges her to a duel with a limited knowledge of her deck to main "Crush Card Virus (GX_anime)" just to counter her Ritual Summons using "Crashbug NEO" and " "Super Crashbug", however, as he didn't account for the fact that Yei would use her Evolute Monsters or Fokkusu's "PSY-Gas Fiend Oni Goat King" as it's an Xyz Monster, which they broke his combo and ended with his loss, ended with the fact that Yei actually drew "Rush Recklessly (anime)" instead of a monster with 1500 ATK or more. As he lost, him and Ansektu were Apprehended by Hafif who fired him for using an Illegal monster in his Deck.


Yei TisumiEdit

Falid hates Yei with a burning Passion, he doesn't mind saying things that will swing her away, or insult her in particular, nor regretting it, he even used an illegal monster to attack her directly to hurt her (almsot kill). As much as he is rutheless and cruel to her, Yei is trying to act mature towards him and doesn't fight him the way he fights her.


Falid uses "Crashbug" deck.

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