Evil Vine
Kataria (The Boss Monster), Kataria, Tower Tofla of Evil Vine, Taylor, Prince of Evil Vine, Corrupted hyena of Evil Vine, Corrupted Maiden of Evil Vine, Sinister Girl, Algiedi,and Thorn Maniac.
USAEnglish Evil Vine
JPNKanji E・Vine
Additional Info
Sub-Archetype of: Vine

'Evil Vine '(E・Vine) or Previously "Demonic Plant" is a Sub-Archetype of Vine, Which it was Debuted on 10/1/2014, Since the Debut, they were merged with Fiber Vine, then they got their own Sub-Archetype, their Main Focus is Synchro Summon, much like Fiber Vine, they have few exceptions, which they are not Synchro Monsters.



Evil Vine monsters are evil/Corrupted counterparts of Fiber Vine, some of these monsters are revived renmants of 

Ev crest

Crest of Evil Vine Monsters

Duel Terminal, according to the Vine Wars, Kataria, Queen of Evil Vine converted these monsters into her side of the tribe, but that did not apply to Qli, insead, they were destroyed, while some of Ally of Justice's remains were taken from Nekroz.

They also have a crest, which it highly resemble a diabolic "Kataria, Queen of Evil Vine".
Ev crests

Re-designed Crest by Kamu

Evil Vine Counterpart Original Monster Card
Kataria, Queen of Evil Vine Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine
Kataria, Towers Tofla of Evil Vine Apoqliphort Towers
Taylor, Prince of Evil vines None
Kantari, Night King Coyote of Evil Vine None
Corrupted Maiden of Evil Vine Man-Eater Dark Maiden of Fiber Vine
Chaos Barola of Evil Vine Barola, Vampire Lady of Fiber Vine
Mother Eater Worm of Evil Vine None
Dragon Of Evil Vine None
Binding Snake Clausolas of Evil Vine Mist Bird Clausolas
Randi Unicore of Evil Vine

The Fabled Unicore

Man-Eater Dark Maiden of Fiber Vine

Vishwar Randi

Kataria, Queen of Evil Vine

Sinister Girl of Evil Vine Water Girl
Poisonous Frog of Evil Vine Des Frog
Berserk Algiedi of Evil Vine Constellar Algiedi
Sickness Plant Lizard Of Evil vine None
Gigigty Gurl of Evil Vine None
Bakuran, Lizard of Evil vine none
Mosquito elephant Of Evil Vine None
Corrupted hyena of Evil Vine None
Ugly Mech Skull Cat of Evil Vine None
Thorn Maniac of Evil Vine Elemental HERO Knospe
Chaos Coat None
Glimlo of Evil Vine Fabled Grimro
Gigatic Frog of Evil Vine D.3.S. Frog
Hikari, Malicious Maiden of Evil Vine Barola, Vampire Lady of Fiber Vine
Disk hyena of Evil Vine Qliphort Disk

Playing Style:Edit

This Archetype's main focus is Synchro Summon, with the help of Back-Eyed Beast of Evil Vine and Poisonous Frog of Evil Vine, they swarm the field with a number of "Evil Vine" monsters to Tune them and bring their ace card, Kataria, Tower Tofla of Evil Vine. Kataria, Queen of Evil Vine and Contract with the Queen of Evil Vine are good search engines to draw either Berserk Algiedi of Evil Vine or Bakuran, Lizard of Evil vine, both cards are also recommended to Special Summon other "Evil Vine" monsters from your hand/ Change the Levels to be able to Synchro Summon. Archfiend Goat of Magnificent Vine is also good for "Evil Vine" monsters, you can special Summon a number of 1500 ATK or less Fiend-Type monsters from your Deck so you can use them as Synchro Materials during your Next turn, you can also use Plaguespreader Zombie for faster Synchro Access.

You can also run "Chaos Evil Vine" using both "Evil Vine" and Chaos Dragons, focusing on Special Summoning Dragon Of Evil Vine


Since "Evil Vine" are basically Synchro Monsters, Ritual Monsters using Djinn Cursenchanter of Rituals can rend them powerless, in worst cases, Nekroz of Unicore using Djinn Cursenchanter of Rituals can shut them down completely, Discord and Grisaille Prison can prevent you from Synchro Summoning any monster.

Meklord Emperor monsters can absorb Your Synchro monsters (except Kataria, Towers Tofla of Evil Vine), and since "Evil Vine" monsters have Levels, they are affected badly by Gravity Bind, Level Limit - Area B, and Burden of the Mighty .

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