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This booster has 81 cards

Cover card: Tekhnobot Gunslasher


The card list includes:

Set no. English name Rarity Category
ETRE-EN000 Acid Skull Saurus Rare Normal Monster
ETRE-EN001 Tekhnologic Flat Cable Common Effect Monster
ETRE-EN002 Abiorn, the executioner of the Wild Raiders Common Effect Monster
ETRE-EN003 Acilinus, the quick hand of the Wild Raiders Common Effect Monster
ETRE-EN004 Crystterious Ratatosk Common Effect Monster
ETRE-EN005 Crystterious Basilisk Rare Effect Monster
ETRE-EN006 Crystterious Bastet Rare Effect Monster
ETRE-EN007 Tekhnologic Cooler Common Effect Monster
ETRE-EN008 Jackal and Mr. Hyde Common Multiplus monster
ETRE-EN009 Crystterious Nemean Lion Ultra Rare Request Monster
ETRE-EN010 Magical Bonding Rope Secret Rare Continuous Spell Card
ETRE-EN011 Cybertech Mainframe Rare Continuous Trap Card
ETRE-EN012 Iman Core Super Rare Link Monster
ETRE-EN013 Scitech Scholar Secret Rare Flip monster
ETRE-EN014 Axe of the Wild Raiders Ghost Rare Equip Spell Card
ETRE-EN015 Mouse Snatcher Common Normal Monster
ETRE-EN016 Void Veiler Ghost Rare Continuous Trap Card
ETRE-EN017 Megablade Mech Common Sonar Monster
ETRE-EN018 Lightspeed Array Common Normal Trap Card
ETRE-EN019 Linear Track System Common Continuous Trap Card
ETRE-EN020 Wavelength Shark Rare Sonar Monster
ETRE-EN021 Monster Reboot Super Rare Normal Spell Card
ETRE-EN022 Cyberse Web Common Double-Equip Spell Card
ETRE-EN023 Atomic Heater Common Counter Trap Card
ETRE-EN024 Manatee of Blight Common Gemini monster
ETRE-EN025 Mechanical Dervish Common Tuner Synchro Monster
ETRE-EN026 Nordic Village in the Mountains Common Field Spell Card
ETRE-EN027 Cyberspace Squire Common Union monster
ETRE-EN028 Crystterious Cadejo Rare Effect Monster
ETRE-EN029 The Dog of Many Fortunes Rare Normal Tuner monster
ETRE-EN030 Slice Spider 3000 Common Effect Monster
ETRE-EN031 Digital Data Pixie Common Effect Monster
ETRE-EN032 Night Rage, the Fearless Rare Sonar Monster
ETRE-EN033 A Cat With Mischief Normal Normal Trap Card
ETRE-EN034 Mecha Blitzer Rare Effect Monster
ETRE-EN035 Spirit of the Motherboard Super Rare Link Monster
ETRE-EN036 Fiendish Chain Star Common Link Monster
ETRE-EN037 Elephant of Knowledge Rare Link Monster
ETRE-EN038 Crystterious Noise Wave Common Normal Trap Card
ETRE-EN039 Soundproof Barrier Common Continuous Spell Card
ETRE-EN040 Steelheart, The Iron Chevalier Common Tuner Enhance Monster
ETRE-EN041 LAN Invader Common Link Monster
ETRE-EN042 The Hamster of Nefarious Ne'erdowells Common Effect Monster
ETRE-EN043 Web Wire Spider Secret Rare Sonar Monster
ETRE-EN044 Rustbucket Synchron Rare Tuner monster
ETRE-EN045 Lightspeed Adapter Secret Rare Sonar Monster
ETRE-EN046 Gigaton Boulder Brute Common Effect Monster
ETRE-EN047 Ruthless End Ghost Rare Normal Trap Card
ETRE-EN048 Lifeforce Transfer Ghost Rare Counter Trap Card
ETRE-EN049 Nova Soldier Ghost Rare Effect Monster
ETRE-EN050 Tekhno Mass Factory Common Field Spell Card
ETRE-EN051 Weed Whacker Common Tuner Synchro Monster
ETRE-EN052 Terror of Seething Wrath Rare Sonar Monster
ETRE-EN053 Ice Lancer Common Effect Monster
ETRE-EN054 Rustbucket Missile Soldier Super Rare Synchro Monster
ETRE-EN055 Radar Whale Rare Sonar Monster
ETRE-EN056 The Hyena's Wraith Common Normal Trap Card
ETRE-EN057 Superspeed Data Debugger Rare Xyz Monster
ETRE-EN058 Tekhno Web Browser Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
ETRE-EN059 Futurescape Supersteel Soldier Rare Fusion Monster
ETRE-EN060 Boar Paladin Secret Rare Request Monster
ETRE-EN061 Cyberspace Priestess Super Rare Request Monster
ETRE-EN062 Crystterious Force Ghost Rare Continuous Trap Card
ETRE-EN063 Chariot of Charity Ghost Rare Normal Spell Card
ETRE-EN064 Bull Fighter Common Normal Monster
ETRE-EN065 Powderkeg Processer Common Link Monster
ETRE-EN066 Huntress of Hearts Common Link Monster
ETRE-EN067 Scout Drone Common Sonar Monster
ETRE-EN068 Piranha Prowler Common Sonar Monster
ETRE-EN069 Bivalve Bully Common Energy Monster
ETRE-EN070 Maelstrom Ravager Common Recycle monster
ETRE-EN071 Crystterious Forest Common Field Spell Card
ETRE-EN072 Terrorheart Tarantula Common Effect Monster
ETRE-EN073 The Dealer With the Snakeyes Common Continuous Trap Card
ETRE-EN074 Alrik, the barbarian king of the Wild Raiders Ultra Rare Sonar Monster
ETRE-EN075 Cyberse Beast King Barbaros Alpha Ghost Rare Link Monster
ETRE-EN076 Tekhnobot Gunslasher Ultra Rare Link Monster
ETRE-EN077 Armory Arm (like it should be) Common Synchro Monster
ETRE-EN078 Tekhno Replacement Common Continuous Spell Card
ETRE-EN079 Linkollector Super Rare Normal Spell Card
ETRE-EN080 Tekhno Static Pencil Common Double-equip