Equilibrium Monsters (Japanese: エクイリブリアムモンスター Ekuiriburiamu Monsutā, abbreviated as Eエクイリブリアムモンスター in card text) is a type of Monster Card similar to Pendulum Monsters and Pandemonium Monsters that is half purple. This card mechanic was created by GraysonGoodwin .

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

This Monster Card type works as an extension for Pendulum Summoning. It can be played in your Monster Zone or the "Equilibrium Zone(E-Zone)". It is treated like a monster if it is in the monster zone and treated as a trap while in the Equilibrium Zone. Normally you can Pendulum Summon monsters as long as their levels are between your Pendulum Scales, this new mechanic helps you summon monsters from your hand and/or face-up Extra Deck outside your Pendulum Scales as long as the the monsters are in the same Level as the number in that Equilibrium Monster's "Equilibrium Scale (E-Scale)".

Equilibrium Rulings[edit | edit source]

  • There are 2 Equilibrium Zones (E-Zones) beside the Pendulum Zones
    • If a Equilibrium Monster's E-Scales is higher than both scales: Must be placed beside the Pendulum Zone with the highest Pendulum Scale.
    • If a Equilibrium Monster's E-Scales is lower than both scales: Must be placed beside the Pendulum Zone with the lowest Pendulum Scale.
  • Since Equilibrium Monsters are treated as Trap Cards while in the E-Zone, they must first be set then can be activated the following turns.
  • There 2 Trap types for Equilibrium Monsters, represented by a symbol found beside the Levels.
    • Continuous.png
      If they have this symbol, they are treated as Continuous Trap Cards.
    • Counter.png
      If they have this symbol, they are treated as Counter Trap Cards.
    • Counter Equilibrium Monsters have a number in brackets beside the Counter symbol. This number indicates that monster's Equilibrium Cycles (E-Cycle) which tells how many turns the card stays in the E-Zone before being destroyed and sent to the GY.
    • Continuous Equilibrium Monsters do not have E-Cycles, therefore they can stay in the E-Zone as long as it is allowed.
  • When Equilibrium Monsters in Monsters Zones are destroyed, these are sent to the GY.
  • You cannot Equilibrium Summon the turn you Pendulum Summoned, and vice versa, except in cases where you gain additional times where you can Pendulum Summon.
  • You must have Pendulum Monsters in both Pendulum Zones in order to be able to Equilibrium Summon.

Example of Equilibrium Summoning[edit | edit source]

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