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A new type of monster that are placed on the Extra Deck, created by --OnePiece (talk) 03:16, October 9, 2015 (UTC).Their color is a variant of yellow-green and they have Grades, that comes from the left to the right, above their artworks, instead of level/ranks or similarities.

Energy Monsters must be Energy Summoned by using 1 Recycle Monster from your monster card zones and other non-Recycles monster from your monster card zones and/or Graveyard, whose level sum equals to the Grade of that Energy Monster you would Summon(Or ,sometimes it can also be performed via UpGrade Energy Summon Like any monster from the Extra Deck, they cannot exist in hand and when they would return to the hand(either by cost, or card effect) they are placed on the Extra Deck, instead Also, if they are not first Energy Summoned and are sent to the Graveyard or Banished Zone, they cannot be Special Summoned back If cards like Transmigration Break, Degeneration Circuit, etc... are active while an Energy Monster would return to the Extra Deck, the monster is banished, instead

Multiple Recycle Energy Summon[]

While most Energy Monsters require exactly 1 Recycle to be Energy Summoned, some Energy Monsters require multiple monsters to be on the field. In this scenario, the Recycles used for the Summon must be on the field.

The first archetype that incorporates Multiple Recycle Energy Summons is the "Silvent Evil" archetype.

Energy Card Zone[]

Is a new type of 5 card zones that stays below to the Spell/Trap Card Zones.All the Energy Material Monster are placed on the Energy Zone that will be in the same column as the Energy Monster was when summoned(or any closest Energy Card Zone, if that zone is not available), being linked to it.When the Energy Material Monster are placed on the Energy Zone, a number of Energy Counters will be placed on that zone equal to the level/grade of that monsters, and can be used to use the Energy Monster effects (or sometimes, another card effect, instead)

Energy monster support cards[]

Some support cards includes