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The term "Enabler monster (type[s])" is a term used in card text to refer to monsters with a Sub-Type that enables the special summon of certain monsters. these would include things such as Tuner, Base, and Surge monsters. Secondary-Types such as Union and Gemini monsters are not considered Enabler Monster Types, because they don't inherhently enable the summon of certain Monster Card Types.

List of Enabler Monster Types[]

This is a list of Sub-Types that are considered to be Enabler monster types, along with the monster/summon type they enable. Feel free to add additional items to this table.

Enabler Monster Sub-Type Summon(s) Enabled
Tuner Synchro
Dark Tuner Dark Synchro
Base Composition
Molecule Crystal
Recycle Energy
Multiplus See for list of enabled summons
Catalyst Genesis
Compensator Compensated
Sunset Sunrise
Vassal Sovereign
Fuel Nitro