Eclipse Emblem of Marine Arms
JPN Japanese: エクリプス・エンブレム・オブ・マリーンアームズ
JPN Phonetic: Ekuripusu Enburemu Obu Marīn Āmuzu
GR Ελληνικά Έμβλημα της Έκλειψης των Θαλασσίων Όπλων
Creator: NovaTsukimori
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell
Property: Quick-Play Quick-Play
Card Lore:

Target 1 "Marine Arms" or "Rift Beast" Ritual Monster you control, then declare a Level from 1 to 8; it becomes that Level. Then, immediately after this effect resolves, Impure Summon 1 Impure Ritual Monster from your Extra Deck using that target and 1 other monster whose total Levels are equal to the modulus of the Level of the Impure Monster as its Impure Materials. You can only activate 1 "Eclipse Emblem of Marine Arms" per turn.

Japanese Lore:


Sets: Love Unbound
Rarity: Normal Parallel Rare
User: Luna Tsukimori
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