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These rules apply in LHK's upcoming and currently unknown series. It pays homage to Duelist Kingdom and Deck Master duels, crossing them with in real life mechanics.

Rules Taken from Duelist Kingdom[]

  • Each player begins the Duel with 2000 Life Points.
  • Direct attacking the opponent is not allowed.
  • Only one monster is allowed to declare an attack per turn.
  • Players can Normal Summon monsters of any Level without Tributing.
  • When a monster is destroyed by a card effect, the controller of that card takes damage equal to half of that monster's ATK.

Original Rules[]

  • The following are collectively called as "Deck Master rules".
    • Before the Duel, each player chooses a Deck Master card from their Main or Extra Deck, and puts them to the Deck Master Zone, next to the Extra Deck.
    • The Deck Master can be Special Summoned at any time during the Duel. Each card has its own effect as a Deck Master.
    • If a player's Deck Master is destroyed, he/she loses the Duel. If a player's Deck Master is Tributed by a card effect to Special Summon another monster or used as a Fusion Material Monster or can otherwise be immediately replaced such as by the effect of "A Deal with Dark Ruler", the monster that is Special Summoned next becomes the player's new Deck Master.
    • If multiple Deck Masters are Tributed, used as Fusion Material Monsters, or has an ability to Special Summon a new monster upon being destroyed, the Special Summoned monster is treated as the Deck Master for all of the players the original monsters belonged to.
  • Link and Defense Link Monsters are not allowed.