Disney (ディズニー Dizunī) in the OCG, is an archetype of monsters of varying Types and Attributes created by LHK. As the name suggest, it is based off Disney characters.

Play StyleEdit

The playstyle of the deck is rather simple and straightforward. They don't have a specific aim in particular, however, they are focused on specific Summons depending on the situation required. Some sets have some set strategy, which the player encourages to play with them.

Disney PrincessEdit

The first of the sub-sets of this archetype, the Disney Princesses are based off the princesses of Disney. They are all LIGHT Fairy Data Monsters with a Compatibility Margin of ±2 and a Level ranging from 3 to 5, meaning they can be injected to virtually a wide range of monsters, with the purpose of Summoning their Level 5 ("Snow White"), 6 ("Rapunzel") and 7 ("Cinderella") Reboot Monsters.


  • The motive behind this archetype is that Disney contributed a lot to LHK's (among others') childhood.
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