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Currently ongoing. New Version of the original PS1 classic. While the main plot and the characteres themselves will not change absolutely in nothing, this version will come up with some huge improvements and new features.

Main Character and gameplay[]

  • unlike the previous game, in this new version, you can make you own character using all the available sprites when starting the new game. You can also choose if the character will be a boy or girl. If you choose to be a boy, it will be more likely that female npcs will hand over items to you, meanwhile, if you choose to be a girl, it's more likely that male npcs will do it, instead.

Partner Digimon Choices[]

  • in adittion to the originally 7 selectable rookie digimon from the begin of the game, the player can select some more rookies in this version, also, unlike the previous version, the player does not need to choose a pack, and can, instead, choose the digimons individaully. The new ones confirmed so far are

Salamon, Demidevimon, Gabumon, Gomamon, Terriermon, Impmon Palmon, Piyomon.

New Evolutions[]

  • LadyDevimon, Lilithmon, Mastemon, Minervamon, Nefertimon, MetalPhantomon, Devitamamon, Reapermon, Persiamon are confirmed as new evolutions in this version. LadyDevimon will no longer be a random encounter Digimon. Mastemon can also be obtained by DDNA evolution by fusing Angewomon and Ladydevimon, while Devitamamon can be obtained by DDNA evolution by fusing Digitamamon with Devimon.

New items[]

Skull Helmet, MP Charge , including its variants and Stinky Bomb, and Dream Cushion are confirmed to be present in this new version of the game. The MP Charge will have the same role as the HP Charge, but instead, being aplied for your Magic Points, while the Stinky Bomb is a special item that can be used in areas of wild digimon encounters, to keep them from appearing. Using it, you will not have random encounters and the NPC's, including Digimons will refuse to talk to you, unless the odor dissipates. To dissipate the odor, simply leave the area. This item cannot be used underwater and will have no effect on the Digimons from the sewers of Dum Dum factory of both servers and Amaterasu and Asukas's Dungeons. Dream Cushion is an acessory dropped by Tapirmon that allows your Digimon to heal HP and MP every turn when they are asleep during battle. Vampire Cover is an item exclusive to Evil Digimons, like Demidevimon and BlackTailmon and it allows your digimon to drain the HP of your opponent and can backfire Dark Elemental attacks, as well physical attacks boosted by the dark element, but decreases resistance against light.


In the pause menu, there will be an "Option Menu" where you can choose your Digimon to either appear as themselves or as their current digievolution. This can be selected individually and will not change anything in gameplay. It's only for aesthesics. In the same menu you can choose whether your Digimons will comunicate more oftenly with you or not. If you choose this option, they will let you know about how strong the wild Digimons are in a new area, will tell if there are items or bosses around, hinting you to go back if the area seems to dangerous for the momment. They will also sometimes express emotions about the current situation of the story, like showing excitement when you go to the real world to try to stop the Juggernaut at Magasta Undersea Base. Weapons and armors equipped to your Digimons will be shown equipped on them during battles. Like the other options, this option can be turned off. Ambushes will no longer exist the way they exist currently, simply because i hate them. Instead, the new Ambush! will be a random battle encounter where you have to face 2 or 3 Digimons at a time, rather than simply one. Check more details in the New Ambush Section of this page.

Online Card Game[]

Perhaps one of the most expected feature in this new version, alongside the fast transport system, this version will count with a online card game where the player can choose to play either "For Fun" or for "Beting and Competition". The For Fun, as the name says, is only for amusement, and there will be no prize or rank up for the winner. The Beting and Competition, on the other hand is much more challenging, as the players will bet any item they have. The items are the same items that they have in the offline game, and any item won or lost will be added/removed from the offline game. The ranks will also allow the player to join monthly competitions and there will be prizes for the top 10. To enable the card game, you must talk to Divermon for the first time at Yellow Cruiser from Asuka Server to learn (or remember) the card game rulings.

Fast Transport System[]

Another of the most expected feature in this game, the transport system will be a feature where a Gryphomon will take you to anywhere of the server of where you requested it's help. The premise is that you find him for the first time at Mobius Desert of Asuka Server and wit will be surrounded by 3 Airdramon, who will be accusing it of eating their food. After defeating them, Gryphomon will thank you, but will still complaing of his wings being fratured, so you will need to offer him severeal charges (enough to help 2 k of HP) and he will thank you. The Airdramons will wake up again, but a dust cyclone will appear, returning their food, now full of sand. They will realize their mistake and complain of the food and go. Gryphomon will thank you again and leave, but before, he will leave with you a Grypho Whisper, so you can call him from the map and select where you want to go , in the same server and only to available places. Ths works on both serves. The funny thing is that when you use the transport system to reach anywhere, Gryphomon will simply drop you midair and let you fall, so you will oftenly see your character crashing on the floor.

New Status Ailments[]

  • Blindness and Pain

Blindness = Makes a Digimon temporarily unable of seeing, sometimes misisng the physical attacks on the target, sometimes, actually hitting their own partners. So far, only the Absolute Darkness, some light attacks and Dust in the Wind are known for causing blindness. Pain: A Digimon in pain takes damage when physically harming an opponent Digimon

List of new enemy Digimons, type of enemy, locations, techniques and dropable items[]

Monster name Location item it drops type of enemy (random, or boss) MP techniques/physical attacks Status Ailments caused by MP techniques/common attacks Exp Gained Bit Gained
Candlemon Asuka Jungle Grave and Amaterasu's Catacombs Fire Chip (Asuka), Spirit Chip (Amaterasu) Random Flame Breath (Asuka), Dark Fear (Amaterasu)/ hits the enemy with the candle, causing fire damage No 180 165

Monster name Location item it drops type of enemy (random, or boss) MP techniques/ Physical attack Status Ailments caused by MP techniques/common attacks EXP gained Bit Gained
Chummon Dum Dum Factory Sewers (from both servers) Stinky Bomb Random Physical attack with a cheese bomb that explodes in fire damage No 214 200
Monster name Location item it drops type of enemy (random, or boss) MP techniques/ Physical attacks Status Ailments caused by MP techniques/common attacks EXP gained Bit Gained
Wizardmon Asuka Jungle Grave MP Charge Random MP curse Causes damage with magic and drains a small ammount of MP/common attack with the rod 85 110
Monster name Location item it drops type of enemy (random, or boss) MP techniques/ Physical attacks Status Ailments caused by MP techniques/common attacks EXP gained Bit Gained
Matadormon Amaterasu's Jungle Grave Vampire Lance Random Blinding Dark/common attack with spear Blindness and Drain HP with Dark Field 350 322
Monster name Location item it drops type of enemy (random, or boss) MP techniques/ Physical attacks Status Ailments caused by MP techniques/common attacks EXP gained Bit Gained
Vermilimon Tyranno Valley and Boot Mountain (Amaterasu) none Random Physical horn attack with fire damage no 366 330
Monster name Location item it drops type of enemy (random, or boss) MP techniques/physical attacks Status Ailments caused by MP techniques/common attacks Exp Gained Bit Gained
Mothmon West Wire Forest, Protocol Forest (Amaterasu) Gunpowder Random Attacks with explosive guns, causing fire damage. No 190 145

Bosses Digimons[]

Monster name Location item it drops type of enemy (random, or boss) MP techniques/ Physical attacks Status Ailments caused by MP techniques/common attacks EXP gained Bit Gained
SkullBaluchimon Amaterasu Jungle Grave Skull Helmet Boss Digimon Physical attack with his paws. Absolute Darkness and Dust in the Wind His physical attacks does only physical damage. Both Dust in the Wind and absolute Darkness have the chance of causing blindness to your Digimons. 1600 2000

As it is shown above, SkulBaluchimon can be found at Amaterasu's Jungle Grave, in the same place where you would find Zambamon in Asuka's

  • As the player approaches the Grave Gate*

Skullbaluchimon: Hold it. Where are you going, stranger? What is your name? The Player: Skulbaluchimon, excuse me but i got some A.o.A asses to kick. Also, my name is (Player's current name) Skulbaluchimon: A.o.A? You don't fool me, kid. I can tell you are one of their members just by the fact you are not turned into an Oinkmon.Zhu Que leader entrusted me with the mission of not leting any of you pass. This grave shall be perfect place to bury you and your corrupted Digimons. The Player: Oh, c'mon. Why everyone thinks i'm a bad guy? SkulBaluchimon: If you are not lying to me, we will see in a battle. Defend yourself The player: And here we go again. Fine. I will show you i am trust worthy.

-battle starts- -after the battle ends, you gain the Over my dead bones trophy and the following lines-

SkullBaluchimon indeed, i was wrong about you. Since the begin until the very end, you and your Digimons fought as one and whole. Something that mean humans like A.o.A would never be able to. As my most sincere apologize request, i shall let you pass. But before you go, please have this *Hands over the Skull Helmet* The player: Phew, that was a quite battle, i can tell why the Zhu Que leader asked you to guard this place, and thanks a lot for the Skull Helmet. Sure this will be a very handy item.

SkullBaluchimon: as you proccedd to defeat the A.o.A at Zhu Que City, i will keep protecting this grave and the digimons souls resting here from the A.o.A. Good luck, (Player's name). *Steps aside and let's the player pass*

(after that, when you talk to him before everyone everyone becomes human at Amaterasu Server)

SkullBaluchimon: I still sense danger. The A.o.A should not be understimated. Watch your guard. (after that, when you talk to him after everyone everyone becomes human at Amaterasu Server)

SkullBaluchimon: You did it!! The A.o.A is no more. I wish i could celebrate alongside everyone, but everyone would run away scared after seeing me. I'm still very happy, tho.

(after that, when you talk to him before everyone everyone becomes Oinkmon at both Servers) SkullBaluchimon: What happened? Why did everyone become pigs again? What is the A.o.A up to?

Monster name Location item it drops type of enemy (random, or boss) MP techniques/ Physical attacks Status Ailments caused by MP techniques/common attacks EXP gained Bit Gained
Barbamon Wealth Chamber whatever you can obtain after defeating him in the wealth chamber. Boss Digimon Physical attack with his wand, Death Lure, Greed Touch and Call of the Fallen. Death Lure can sometimes instantly kill your Digimon and convert him into a zombie enemy. Their eyes will become white, their color will be black and they will be in their digivolved defeated form using all the techniques they had learned when defeated. They cannot be revived while in this form and they will switch places with Barbamon if converted into zombies. After being defeated, they can be revived normally. Greed Touch is a technique that he creates a giant gold hand that can instantly anihillate your Digimon, transforming it into a golden statue, absorbing all the HP it had when defeated. Call of the Fallen will summon random evil digimon to fight on the behalf of Barbamon, switching their positions until the summoned Digimon be defeated. His physical attack will sometimes stun your digimons. 33000 whatever you can obtain after defeating him in the wealth chamber.
Monster name Location item it drops type of enemy (random, or boss) MP techniques/ Physical attacks Status Ailments caused by MP techniques/common attacks EXP gained Bit Gained
Lampmon Amaterasu Mobius Desert Nothing, but can realise 3 wishes that you get to see below. Boss Digimon Physical attack with his hands. Illusion Mist. Wealth Rain His physical attacks can put your Digimons to sleep. Illusion Mist can cause big damage and cause confusion. Wealth Rain causes 3 times damage and can cause blindness. 1100 15000
  • Lampmon can be found at Amaterasu's Mobius Desert at first likea glowing object in the sand. As the player approcahes and press the "X" button, they will unbury the lamp, and the, the following line happens:

PLayer:! Player: what did we just find here? Their Digimon: A wish lamp Digimon 1: let's wish a loot of food Digimon 2: Let's wish to be invincible Digimon 3: What about money? (Though these dialogues are conditioned to happen assuming the player has each Digimon available to talk) Lampmon (as a lamp): who found me? What you guys want? Player:Lampmon, i want you to realize my 3 wishes? Lampmon (As a lamp): Seriously, won't i ever have a moment of quiet and silence? Player: C'mon, don't be mean Lampmon (As a lamp): rats. Fine, fine. If you defeat me in a battle, i grant you 3 wishes. But they will be of my choice Player: Sure thing. Let's do this

  • Battle starts*

- after you win the battle- Lampmon: Oh, shoot. I guess i owe you 3 wishes. You can choose 3 of them.

1st: Make me rich Lampmon (Already as a genie): I won't make it directly, but i can hint that in this world there is a secret place that almost no one has ever reached. You can reach there after beating Six Dungeons. What? You want me to make rain gold? This won't happen. I said i would make your three wishes in my own way

2nd: Give my Digimons superstrenght Lampmon (As a genie) As you wish, my lord

- Magically hands over 3 Ultra Charge and 3 MP Charge -

3rd: Battle Replay Lampmon: You want me to make you fight bosses or leaders Digimon again, right, my lord? Ok, as you wish. - Magically creates a screen where you can see in order every boss digimon battle and leader battle you had before wishing. (except Lampmon itself)

4th: tell me a secret Lampmon (As a genie), i can crete a magic eye able to watch almost anything in this world.

_ proceeds to make a magical eye that gives you a glimpse of a secret of that world (either a secret area, an Armor Digivolved Digimon, a specific NPC that can help you with a secondary quest, etc....)

After selecting your three wishes, Lampmon stays, saying that now he is waiting a new owner. You also gain the Jackpot trophy.

  • However, after selecting 2 wises, it will be given a third option, where you can wish to see Lampmon free. If you choose this option, the following lines will happen and Lampmon will then fly away to enjoy his freedom. In this case, he can be seen later at Lamb Chop of Asuka City enjoying a good booze.

Lampmon: and your third wish is..... set me free? What?Is it a prank, boy? The Player: No, i am serious. Go enjoy a new life, away from having owners. I mean, no one deserves to be stuck in the same place forever Lampmon: I never met anyone as kind as you. I'm eternally thankful for this last wish. As a token of gratitude, you can have these 3 Luck Crests. The Player: Can i really keep them? They will be very useful to increase my item drop rate. Lampmon: Lampmon is now a free Digimon. Lampmon is free. Freedom!! after then, Lampmon flies away and procceeds to make many favors for tamers and Digimons alike between the servers on his own. These favors can influenciate the npcs into giving you items, challenging you for card battles, or simply making random comments, showing how happy and surprised they are.

New cards and card mechanics[]

  • Now cards can be sold to the Divermons. Rookie Digimons can be sold by 150 bits, champions can be sold by 400 bits, ultimate by 900, mega by 2000 and program cards by 1200 bits.

Sangloupmon, Matadormon, GranDracmon, Lilithmon, Oinkmon, Destromon and Vemmon will be available as playable monsters. A new Program card named Color Twister will also be present.

New Areas[]

  • So far, 7 new areas are confirmed as added into the game. These areas are all located in the North Sector of both servers and are extensions of the Ice, Fire, and Dark Dungeon.These new areas are Wind, Water and Light Dungeons, and Wealth Chamber. This one, being exclsuive of the Amaterasu Server and replacing the Matrix Chamber of Asuka Server.Like the original dungeons, the new ones will have their gimmicks and traps that will be explained below:

Water Dungeon[]

  • This area will be filled with water, making it a little slower than the othr to walk. There will be buttons on the floor that if the player steps on them, they will raise a cave to protect them. In this area, sometimes, will start to rain and, if the player is cuaght by the rain, there will be a chance of some the items used in the next battle have malfunction, not working and being wasted. Also, right after the rain, a lightning will fall in the dungeon, electrfying the floor, and if the player is caught by the lightning, they will be zaped and their digimons will have their hp reduced to 1 and their MP halved. Some of the items usable in battle, except for healing items will not work properly in their next battle and will be wasted. This issue will be fixed after the battle is over. The caves are used to protect your Digimons from the rain and the lightning.

The Digimons found over there in both servers and the tamers, as well their partners are yet to be decided.

Wind Dungeon[]

  • This Dungeon will have traps very similar to the Ice Dungeons. This time, there will be small cyclones running through the dungeon, and if they catch your Digimons, they will randomly change their sort order. If the player is caught, he will tossed randomly across the dungeon, and their Digimon will still have their sort order changed randomly.Also, the player will randomly lose two items usable in battle. Regardless of what and how many items the player will lose by this, they will automatically recovered after winning any battle in that dungeon (Including the boss battle, and even if they leave the dungeon and return there without having any battle, or if they run away from the battle).

The random battle Digimons, as well the tamers and their partners from both serves are yet to be decided.

Light Dungeon[]

  • The last of the new dungeons, this area will be a dungeon with several headlights flashing, and eventually emiting a huge, dazzling light. If the player is caught by the dazzling light, he will become blind temporarily, alongside his Digimons and will walk randomly, not obeing the commands of the control of the player, if the last decides to walk. If a random battle, or even the leader boss battle occurs, his Digimons will start with the status ailment Blind. This can be easily reverted by using a vision disk. If the player decides to stay idle in the same position while blind, a random Digimon from that area will appear to battle.

Wealth Chamber[]

  • A new area of Amaterasu City that replaces the Matrix Chamber from Asuka Server. This area is accessible after you defeat the six leaders of the dungeons. As the name implies, this a chamber where the player will find huge ammount of bits, and items usable in battles. The chamber will also be decorated by golden statues of Digimons and humans. These statues are actually, indeed, Digimons and humans that challenged the boss of the chamber and lost, becoming eternally golden statues. In this chamber will also have a golden Gatomon, Ganemon, Golden Numemon and Golden Guardromon.
  • The golden Gatomon, unlike the other Gatomons, can make your Digimons rest, but can also give them a temporary boost in attack, deffense and speed. The player can choose whether they want a common resting, which will cost 300 bits, or a special rest, where your digimons will gain these temporary buffs, but it will cost 5000 bits. These boost are said to last for around 15 battles.
  • The Golden Guardromon will still be responsible for saving your progress and in the first time you save there, you will gain 100 k of bits!
  • The golden Numemon will point out that he reached there and his color has been changed to gold because of the excessive ammount of gold over there and can Card Battle with you.
  • toguh these digimons are colored in gold, they are not variation of any already existing Digimon.
  • Ganemon will say that he is sorry for the Digimons and tamers that were turned into gold, but will also say that it is their fault for not being persuasive enough with their words.

Of course, reaching this chamber will be very interesting, but not easy, as it will be guarded by Barbamon. Barbamon will challenge you for a fight as soon as you enter there, and if you win, he will let you and your Digimon pass and enjoy all of the wealth of the area. Barbamon is said to be the hardest and most dangerous boss Digimon of this game, surpassing even Galacticmon. The treasures of the area will include a huge box containing 1kk of bits, 25 Max Charges, Max MP charge, a Super Bit Adapter (an accessory that multiplies any ammount of bit you obtain in battles by 10). A smaller box, yet bigger than the usual will contain the cards : Destromon, Vemmon, Lilithmon, Oinkmon and Barbamon, all of them will be monsters with effects, being exclusive cards to the player, at least before defeating Galacticmon. This area will also contain a door that links to the Catacombs of Amaterasu Server. (That seal we find in the wall before fightning BKSeraphimon.)

New Cards[]

Card Name Where to Find Rank Energy Points Required Frame Color Type AP/HP Effects
SkullBaluchimon Booster 15b Ultimate 2 Green Digimon. 36/36 None
Card Name Where to Find Rank Energy Points Required Frame Color Type AP/HP Effects
Lilithmon Wealth Chamber Mega 4 Black Digimon 67/67 When the battle begins, you can bring from your deck to the field any number of Ultimate or lower rank digimons by removing the required amount of energy points to summon them.
Card Name Where to Find Rank Energy Points Required Frame Color Type AP/HP Effect
GranDracmon R-booster 5 Mega 3 Black Digimon 56/56 no.

Minor Changes[]

The Secret Area of Kicking Forest in both Asuka and Amaterasu Servers will have a Jump-Off spot. There will be Holes linkings Wire Forest (Entrance in the front of the Inn) linked with both Pelche Oasis and Ice Lake in both servers. Ambushes will no longer exist in this game.


A new form of Ambush will be present in this game. Instead of being caught off guard, without digievolution and giving the first turn to the enemy, in this ambush, you will be kept with your current evolution, but you will have to face from 2 to 3 enemies found in the area where you are. Their HP will be placed one below the other, and the enemy Digimon on the leftmost will attack first. Also, their attack orders will be the leftmost first, then the one in the center, and by last, the rightmost. When attacking, you will be given the option of what Digimon to attack first, but if you use an area-of-effect technique, the technique will affect all of them, instead. Physical attacks that uses waves, or Techniques like Divine Rain, Dark Elemental, Inferno, Rising Fire are example of area-of-effect techniques. Techniques that are area-of-effect will have their name written between (()). During the ambush, your Digimon can run away, but the enemies Digimons will not, no matter what Digimons they are. Also, you cna defeat a number of Digimons and running away without defeating all of them, and you still will be gaining the ammount of EXP/Bit you would have gained by defeating the Digimon you defeated individually.

Amaterasu Bios Swamp and Spot of Reliability[]

  • The temple located in the Bios Swamp will have a similar role of it's Asuka Server counterpart. This time, the temple will contain a very important item named "Level Crest", an item that every 10 battles won, the current digievolution of your digimon will gain 1 level. In order to get into the temple, the player must do exactly the same that he did in Asuka Server (including talking to Baronmon)


-the player when checking out the temple-

I wonder what lies within this temple. Maybe some sort of sacred treasure? The curiosity is killing me. Maybe i should ask Baronmon to make another TNT Chip - when the player goes back to Asuka Server and talks to Baronmon- Baronmon: - so, you want me to make another TNT Chip, right? Since the walls of the temple of Bios Swamp from Amaterasu are thougher than Asuka's, i will need TNT Ball and Gunpowder, and 100 bits. Don't forget that TNT ball can be obtained with Triceramon and Gunpowder can be obtained with Mothmon. - when the player hands over all of the item- Baronmon: - Snip snip, cut cut. And here we go again. A TNT Chip 2. Don't forget of keeping a safe distance and closing your ears before it detonates. After this, the player can go back to the temple and use the TNT Chip 2 to detonate the entrance door and get in to pick up the "Level Crest". It is a unique item that can be sold by 50 k of bits. The place will also contain a Life Disk.