Daddou, Final Mage of Magnificent VINE
M.VINE ファイナルダドゥ
Final Daddou.png
JPN.png Japanese: M.VINE ファイナルダドゥ
JPN.png Phonetic: M.VINE Fainarudado~u
Creator: Chadook
Card Attribute: LIGHT LIGHT.png
Card Type(s): [ Plant/Link/Effect ]
Link Markers: Left, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right,
LM-TopLeft-OFF.png LM-Top-OFF.png LM-TopRight-OFF.png
LM-Left-ON.png LM-Right-OFF.png
LM-BottomLeft-ON.png LM-Bottom-OFF.png LM-BottomRight-ON.png
ATK/LINK: 2550 / 3
Card Lore:

2 + "VINE" monsters Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to the activation of a "Magnificent VINE" cards. If this card is Link Summoned: You can target 2 "VINE" monsters in your GY; Add those targets to your hand. you can discard 1 card then target 1 “Magnificent VINE” Xyz monster You control ; Attach 1 Special Summoned your opponent controls to the target as a Material. You can only use this effect of "Daddou, Final Mage of Magnificent VINE " once per turn.

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