D/D/D Apocalypse King Shakespeare
Creator: NovaTsukimori
Card Attribute: DARK DARK
Card Type(s): [ Fiend/Xyz/Effect ]
Rank: 7 18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg18px-RankStar.svg
ATK/DEF: 2900 / 1800
Card Lore:

2 Level 7 "D/D" monsters
When this card is Xyz Summoned: You can target 1 "Dark Contract" Spell/Trap Card you control; negate that target's effects. During your Main Phase: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; destroy all monsters your opponent controls, and if you do, your opponent takes 1000 damage. You can only use each effect of "D/D/D Apocalypse King Shakespeare" once per turn.

User: Amara
Card Limit:
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Other Card Information:

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