Currency Monster is a new Summon mechanic created by LHK.


Color-wise, Currency Monster are colored teal.


For a player to Currency Summon a monster, they need 1 monster with any number of Counters. For example, if a Currency Monster says "1 Level 4 monster with 5 Stack Counters", that means that you need to send a Level 4 monster that has 5 Stack Counters on it to the Graveyard. Also, the Level of that Currency Monster equals the minimum (or maximum) of the Level of the monster it requires to be Summoned + the minimum (or maximum) of the counters that monster has. For example, if a Currency Monster says "1 Level 4 or lower monster with 2 or more counters", then that monster's Level equals 6 (which is 4, the maximum of Levels of the monster it requires + 2, the minimum of Counters it needs). When Summoned, the monster gains Chips (which, like Tags, they are counter-esque material, but not technically Counters) equal to the counters the Material needed for its Summon. Chips can be "bet" (which is the act of "removing" them as part of an effect) to activate their own effect, similarly to how Xyz Monsters and Nucleo Monsters detach their own Materials or Evolute Monsters remove E Counters from them. Another notable thing is that if a Currency Monster says "X or more/less counters", it doesn't matter which counter it is, so you can use any counter for that Summon.



  • If the potential Material has 2 or more different kinds of counters, choose which one to treat for the Currency Summon. The other counter(s) are treated as non-existant for the Summon.
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