• An archetype of Beast   monsters made by --OnePiece (talk) 22:12, October 18, 2017 (UTC) and used by Dorothy Rose in The Dragons Advent. They are all Crystalized-skin Beasts powered by "Crystterious Yggdrasil" and they will support mostly Beast Monsters and the "Forest" field spell cards


The members are  based on mytholgic creatures for a sort of cultures from countries. All of them will have a crystal light skin

Playing strategiesEdit

  • They will heavily support Beast monsters. Since they get a bonus effect of the field spell card "Forest", having some Field Support cards will also be useful. Cards like "Terraforming" or "Magic Reflector" will support "Forest". While prohibited in TCG/OCG,"Rescue Cat" can also work greatly on this deck by searching and triggering the effects of "Crystterious Ratatosk (the second one)


Crystterious is a pun with the words critter, crystal and  mysterious.

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