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Crystal Monsters (CクリスタルンスターKurisutaru Monsutā) is a type of Monster Card. The color of these monsters are dark blue, similar to Link and Ritual Monsters, but with a pattern that looks similar to that of crystals or gem stones that appear around the card. These monsters are placed in the Outer Deck.

Like Impure Monsters:

  • They do not exist in the hand, Main Deck, or Extra Deck. Likewise, any card effects that would place them in those locations returns them to the Outer Deck.
  • To be properly Summoned, as with Extra Deck monsters, Crystal Monsters must be Crystal Summoned first. If they leave the Outer Deck without being Crystal Summoned, they cannot be Special Summoned if they are banished or in the Graveyard.
  • Crystal Monsters currently can only be Special Summoned to a Main Monster Zone. Crystal Summon is not an Extra Deck Summon, likewise, they currently cannot be Special Summoned in the Extra Monster Zone.


Like Link Monsters, Crystal Monsters do not have Levels or Ranks, but a Temperature. A Crystal Monster's Temperature determines the Level of the Molecule monster added on to the number of other non-Crystal Monsters used to Summon it, or the combined Temperature of Crystal Monsters used to Summon it (or any combination there of). Because they do not have Levels, cards like "Burden of the Mighty" have no effect on Crystal Monsters.

Crystal Summoning[]

Main article: Crystal Summon

A Crystal Summon is the act of Summoning a Crystal Monster from the Outer Deck using a Molecule monster with additional monsters. During either Main Phase, the turn player can Crystal Summon by sending monsters they control (1 Molecule and one or more monsters) to the Graveyard whose Level of the Molecule monster and number of the other monsters and/or Temperature if using Crystal Monsters as Materials match up to the Temperature of the Crystal Monster.