Crypto Scouter
Creator: HelixReactor
Card Attribute: EARTH EARTH
Card Type(s): [ Cyberse/Link/Effect ]
Link Markers: Bottom,
LM-TopLeft-OFF LM-Top-OFF LM-TopRight-OFF
LM-Left-OFF LM-Right-OFF
LM-BottomLeft-OFF LM-Bottom-ON LM-BottomRight-OFF
ATK/LINK: 700 / 1
Card Lore:

1 Reboot Monster
You can only Special Summon 1 "Crypto Scouter" per turn. If this card is Link Summoned: apply the following effect, depending on the Level of the monster as a Material for its Link Summon.
● 5 or higher: You can destroy 2 monsters on the field, and if you do, add to your hand any Data Monsters destroyed this way and/or any Data Monsters that were Injected into the monsters that were destroyed this way.
● Between 0 and 4: You can add to your hand 1 Data Monster from your Deck, and 1 from your GY.
● -1 or lower: Increase this card's ATK by an amount equal to this card's |Level| x 1000.
You can discard 1 "Crypto" card from your hand; change this card's Link Arrow.

Card Limit:
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Other Card Information:

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