Cosmopotheosis Crest ♄ Saturn Citrine
Creator: HelixReactor
Card Attribute: Spell Card Spell
Property: Continuous Continuous
Card Lore:

Increase the ATK and DEF of all Escafil Monsters you control by an amount equal to their Endurance x 100. Once per turn, you can banish 1 monster you control; shuffle a number of your banished "Cosmopotheosis" cards (except cards that have the same name as that banished monster) into the Deck, depending of that banished monster's Level, then draw 1 card: ● 4 or lower: 1 card. ● 5 or 6: 2 cards. ● 7 to 10: 3 cards. ● 11 or higher: 4 cards.

Card Limit:
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