Cosmopotheosis - Neptunian Grudge
Creator: HelixReactor
Card Attribute: WATER WATER
Card Type(s): [ Fairy/Escafil/Effect ]
Level: Level 6 Level starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel star
Endurance: Endurance 3 Endurance iconEndurance iconEndurance icon
E-ATK/E-DEF: 2200 / 2800
ATK/DEF: 2200 / 1400
Escafil Lore:

Once per turn, you can target 1 monster you control; increase its Level by 1, then send 1 card from the top of your Deck to the Graveyard.

Original Lore:

3 Trap Cards that have different Properties
Once per turn, you can target 1 of your banished cards for each Level 5 or higher monster you control; send it to your Graveyard.

Card Limit:
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Other Card Information:


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